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Welcome to BGN, a graphic design, web design and branding agency operating in and around Brighton.

We are a dedicated team of creative branding experts who are looking forward to transforming your business across all platforms. From web development and brand guidelines to print and packaging. No matter your business goals, we will work with you to create a strong brand strategy.

As a leading branding and design agency operating in Brighton, we pride ourselves on getting to know you and learning everything there is to know about your business. This ensures that we give you the very best service possible, exceeding expectations. Our talented team of branding experts break your business down and analyse each part to create a consistent and memorable brand. Once we have thoroughly analysed your business and gained the knowledge we need, we will create a brand strategy and guidelines that will help your brand evolve.

BGN understands that not one package fits all when it comes to branding and this is why we are one of the leading branding and design agencies operating in Brighton. Instead, our group of specialists will create a tailored plan that is perfect for your business. If you would like more information on our web design, branding and design agency operating in Brighton, contact us today, we can’t wait to hear from you and transform your business into a lasting brand.

FAQ’s About Our Creative Design Agency in Brighton

What Business Solutions Can You Offer In Brighton?

Many businesses come to us for a range of business solutions such as for our innovative methods of problem-solving. Not all businesses that join us are new businesses trying to break into markets, but we are also excellent at creating new strategies and rebranding to change perceptions of opinions. As a leading design and branding agency operating in Brighton, we create strategies with a brand-led approach in mind ensuring consistency throughout.

  • Change Perceptions – Help transform public opinions through fresh and relevant strategy.
  • Change Behaviour – Encourage change and lead your customers down a new direction.
  • Shape Culture – Create a brand culture in your workplace to create a brand that employees believe in.
  • Inspire Innovation – We can bridge customer journey gaps for a seamless experience.
  • Accelerate Growth – Implement a growth strategy for long-term success.

To find out how BGN can transform your brand, contact us today!

Why Invest In A Web Design, Branding and Graphic Design Agency in Brighton For Your Business?

Using BGN as your innovative web design, branding and design agency operating in Brighton, we can help build your brand significantly and help to achieve your business goals and objectives. Poor branding is unfortunately common and it can act as a real barrier and hindrance to long-term growth. This is why it is essential to do it right the first time, rather than having to spend more money on a rebrand which has its own consequences. This is also the best way to create a loyal customer base that will help your success. First impressions definitely count when it comes to your brand, make it count.

When a rebrand goes wrong, it can result in your customers losing touch with your brand as it doesn't resonate with them anymore, wavering loyalty. Instead, if you are needing to rebrand, do it right the first time by hiring us as your leading web design, branding and design agency operating in Brighton.

What Brands Have You Worked With?

Our graphic, web design and branding agency operating in Brighton have worked with some of the leading household brands in a range of industries. From automotive and software to cosmetics and fashion, we have a wealth of experience in all industries. Carlsberg, Onken and Mark Hill are just some of the leading brands we have worked with and helped transform their business. If you would like to see who else we have worked with, you can view our projects page.

What Services Do You Offer As A Design Agency in Brighton?

Whether you need our services for a new brand, a rebrand or just need a specific service, we know we can exceed expectations as your web design, branding and design agency operating in Brighton. By working with BGN, you not only gain expert advice, but you also are working with an agency that has brought many household brands to life as we know what works for your industry.

Due to us being one of the leading branding agencies, we understand that a personal approach works best as it is key to start every project with a thorough understanding of your business so we understand the bigger picture, rather than rushing into anything. This is the most important part of the process as it helps us to create a strategy that is perfectly tailored to your business. Throughout the whole process, we will keep your business visions in mind to create a strong brand identity creating lasting success. This part of the process is done by creating brand guidelines for everyone to follow in the business.

Once the brand strategy has been confirmed, the next stage is how we are going to deliver your brand to your customers online. Part of your journey with our agency is with our creative web design team operating in Brighton. This will help to create an online presence that disrupts the order and makes noise in a saturated market. Websites not only need to look amazing, but they also need to perform well and give your customer a good experience leading to a strong affiliation with the brand.

Video content is everywhere you look, for this reason, it is vital for you to make yourself known through video channels. Video and motion are the most engaging forms of content as it brings a lot of interaction with the brand ensuring it is credible and reliable which will in turn create lasting relationships. Our creative team at our web design, branding and design agency operating in Brighton will create amazing video content that will exceed your expectations by bringing a huge influx of interaction with your brand.

The world is now digital, but as a leading web design, branding and design agency operating in Brighton, we understand that more traditional forms of branding are just as important. Packaging and print are massive influencers in how your brand is being portrayed. Having packaging that creates an impact that leaves a lasting impression and encourages them to return for more. If you would like to learn more about any of our services, contact us today. We can’t wait to get started working with you.

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