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As a respected web design agency, our team in Manchester have a proven track record of delivering sites that both look incredible, are highly functional, engage audiences and hit KPI’s.

Websites are your front of house. Every detail matters - from the smallest typeface decisions to the overall appearance. We understand that web design is about so much more than how a website looks. A fresh coat of paint won’t be enough to compel your customers to stay. Your site needs to be innovative and clearly communicate with your audience if you want to convert interest into sales. That’s where our web design team in Manchester come in.

Digital Design

Websites are replacing brick-and-mortar stores. Even if you’re not selling online, your presence has to set out what your brand stands for and differentiate you from your competitors. Exceptional web design and accompanying web development is often the difference between someone choosing you or a competitor, particularly in very saturated markets. Working with a website design agency can completely transform your business, to help perfect your website the first time around.

By working with a brand-led agency that specialises in web design, you’ll reinforce your value to every website visitor. Our team in Manchester always strike a balance between form and function, leaving you with an online asset that fires on all cylinders. You may have found many websites in your industry are repetitive, but you won’t find ideas like ours anywhere else. We don’t do off-the-shelf solutions. We won’t touch a template. Instead, we learn everything there is to know about your business – whether you’re building an eCommerce platform or a lead generation website - and create a custom web design solution.


Our Web Design Services

Research & Exploration

The initial research and exploration stage before the web design process begins is essential. This will identify where you stand in your industry, the core components that will set you aside from competitors and overall looking at initial paths we could take with the website design. Whilst looking at competitors is important, our main focus as a web design agency is on your goals as a business and creating a brand-led web design that is innovative, engaging and provides a fantastic user experience.


Once the initial direction for the web design process is identified, our team in Manchester will create a wireframe to illustrate the basic design of the website, how space will be allocated, where content will lie and other design features, the different functional elements and key areas that will be designed to drive conversions. An overview of the navigation will also be provided based on discussions of key focuses for the website design.


Web design testing is an essential part of our process as an agency, detecting any teething issues with the website. From website speed to navigation and user experience elements to how responsive the design is, every element of the web design is reviewed by our agency team to ensure the website is reliable, bug-free and in line with everything you're looking for.


As a brand-led web design agency in Manchester, our speciality is making fantastic looking websites that are also highly functional. With the purpose of your new web design firmly in mind, we specialise in designing websites that engage users, showcase what makes your brand unique and drive users to convert, through balanced designs that evolve with your brand. Our portfolio showcases the variety of websites our design team in Manchester have created, so we’re confident that no matter what your brand is, we will exceed expectations.

Digital Artwork

Whilst the navigation and functional elements of your website are important, what many web design agencies lack is the flair and creativity to bring them to life with digital artwork. Being able to showcase your brand through digital artwork is what takes a website design to the next level. This is the benefit of working with a web design agency that has a branding background.

Motion Design

We love animation at BGN and it also helps that it’s something our web design team in Manchester are great at. For most businesses, motion is a vital component of their web design, providing an engaging option to convey more complex information to users. Whilst great content on a website is important, you need that gripping element that will make a user want to stay on your website, which motion design can provide.

Our Web Design Process As An Agency

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.

Brand Workshop

As one of the leading web design agencies in Manchester, we understand the process of creating a remarkable and responsive web design requires input from you, every step of the way. Thinking starts with a brand workshop, to work collaboratively together to identify a direction for the webs design.


From here we conduct competitor research, which together with your values will help steer us in the right direction for your web design to set you apart from competitors and ensure that when a user lands on your website, they’re not going to be tempted to look at competitors.


We’ll then begin to create your wireframe and show design ideas before beginning the website design. As a website design agency, we want to distil your message into our design. Our web design team in Manchester are great at clearly highlighting what makes your brand special.


With your approval, we then apply this web design across your entire site. Every component of your website designed by our team will be highly relevant and engaging, and the content on each page works to push users towards converting. If you are in need of a completely new site, then our web development team will be glad to help.


We then go into the testing and approval phases, to ensure every minute detail of the web design is everything you want it to be. We’re perfectionists at BGN, so you can put your trust in our web design agency in Manchester and every detail will be impeccable.

Website Design Agency Manchester - FAQs:

What are the benefits of good web design?

There are many benefits to having a website design agency create a fantastic website for you:

  • Provides a strong first impression and builds trust
  • Improves your conversion rate
  • Supports your marketing activity, from SEO to paid social
  • Ensures you remain competitive in your industry
  • Keeps users engaged on your website

With a background in branding and an incredible web design team in Manchester, we’re confident that we will create a website that is highly competitive from both a commercial and functional point of view. When you choose BGN, not only will you be getting experts in web design, but we will captivate your audience, keeping them on your website and ensuring they engage with the content.

Does good web design aid SEO strategies?

Effective web design connects all your pages in a way that makes it as readable as possible for search engine bots and also prioritises website speed when considering design elements. Having a well-designed website by working with an experienced web design agency will help you to build your rankings and authority, as search engines will reward you for having a website that is considerate of users. If there is one thing you can’t afford to miss out on in terms of your digital strategy, it is your SEO, for long-term success. If you have poor web design, this can significantly hinder your result for both SEO purposes, as well as user experience.

What are the most important elements of good web design?

There are many key features to a well-structured website. By choosing us as your website design agency, you will be investing in your long-term success. Here are some of the main components of good web design:


One of the most important components of good web design is being able to easily access any part of the website at the click of a button. This is not only important for SEO, but it significantly improves the user experience of the website. The user should always know where they are on the site and be able to find their way back with ease.

Visual Design

As one of the leading web design agencies, we understand what it takes to create a stunning and responsive web design. People love visuals, and making your website appealing is crucial for your customers. Modern consumers lose interest quickly, so it pays to be unique, which we can help with as an innovative and experienced website design agency based in Manchester.


An important part of creating an amazing user experience is for a website to have the ability to anticipate what the user is thinking and cater to their need by showing it before they need to look for it. When you choose the right web design agency, website visitors should always be in a position where they know where they are and what they need to do without effort.

Are we the right web design agency for you?

It is important to choose the correct website design agency for you and your business, but as one of the leading web design companies in Manchester, we are confident that we can help you with creating both a beautiful, highly functional and interactive website from scratch or we can alter the structure of your existing website for a more user-friendly experience that will exceed all your expectations. Our team of web developers are experienced working with a wide range of CMS’s, including WordPress, Shopify and Craft.

As you can see, we have worked with many household brands in an array of industries for both lead generation and eCommerce websites, so we understand exactly what your business needs for success when it comes to web design.

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