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Brand innovation is crucial to stay ahead in ever changing markets. Beyond your products and services, your brand needs to encompass innovation at all times.

When it comes to brand innovation, it pays to stay ahead of the competition. Redefining and advancing the creative elements of your business will keep things fresh whilst capturing the attention of your target audiences. Here at BGN, our brand innovation team in Manchester can support your brand development, whether through product innovation or digital design innovation, to shape a distinctive and sustainable brand identity.


Brand innovation is the process by which a business redefines key elements of the brand to enhance its relevance and appeal to desired audiences. Brand innovation is not as simple as launching a new product, it often involves re-optimising your entire strategy to elevate your brand's impact. Brand innovation is a cornerstone of any successful business, and brands that embrace innovation and stay on top of industry trends are ones that will thrive.

At BGN, our brand innovation agency is committed to unlocking the highest potential for your brand. Using data driven decision making, we can expand on your brand's innovation strategy and keep your brand evolving in ever changing markets. Innovation is not just about creating the latest best thing. It is also about adding value to current products and services that people know and love, whether through packaging, verbal identity or campaigns, whilst keeping them relevant for targeted revenue and growth.

Our Process As A Brand Innovation Agency

Innovation Platform Definition

As part of our brand innovation services, we can provide an innovation platform. Innovation platforms are group discussions or technological platforms that encourage a group of people with brand interest to collaborate to share their thoughts and ideas. Encouraging diverse thinking within a measurable hub will allow for new, innovative ideas to flow, whilst offering an immediate feedback loop to plan actionable change once completed. Innovation platforms can also come in the form of digital hubs, using online tools to present and submit dialogue, including creative developments that everyone can build upon.

Platform to Idea Workshops

With platform to idea workshops, we can understand the heart of your business, where the current strengths and weaknesses lie, and the future of the innovation. From here, we can involve the rest of your team, seeing what ideas they can contribute to the brand's innovation and also to ensure the views of everyone within the business align. This is also an opportunity to see just how realistic your perception of the business is with the day-to-day realities experienced by your workforce.

Idea Exploration

Idea exploration and the discovery of new product or service ideas are monumental moments for brands. Your team of innovators must be open to contributions from key stakeholders who can offer outside of the box thinking, as stakeholder alignment is key. Here at BGN, our brand innovation agency has supported brands in generating a variety of ideas to support the one definitive idea that changes the trajectory of success. Exploring all possible avenues for brand innovation is key. Through observing the demands of your audiences and giving nuance to what is already loved, you can generate a number of fresh ideas that are development worthy.

New Product or Service Development

The final stage of brand innovation is the development process. This is where we make things happen, and bring your new ideas to life, from your web development and design through to packaging and everything in between. This intricate stage can take some time to perfect, but with the support of our experienced brand innovation agency, we can guide you through the steps and provide you with the services you need for your brand to evolve. The overwhelming task of bringing a new product or service to fruition does not need to be done blindly, our team is here to help as one of the leading brand innovators in the UK.

Our Process As A Brand Innovation Agency

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.


Before we support you with our brand innovation process, we need to grasp who you are and what you stand for. A brand workshop is essential at this stage to consolidate who your audience is, and what your goals and objectives are for this new stream of innovation.

Idea Exploration

Once we can encompass your brand essence, we will set up an idea workshop platform to develop new ideas with key stakeholders within the business. This idea exploration process opens up the doors for divergent thinking, offering a number of opportunities and perspectives that the brand can take inspiration from.

Evaluation and Selection

When we have centralised the brand innovation ideas with the most potential, we can begin the evaluation and selection stage. Through analysis and insights we will support you in selecting the product, service or branding concept with strong potential.


With a green light from key decision makers and stakeholders, the development process can commence. We will provide you with tools to streamline and strengthen the development process of your latest brand innovation.


Finally, your latest brand innovation product or service will be ready to take the market by storm. We will provide you with tools to measure the success of your latest launch, and drive further innovation and growth.

Brand Innovation Agency - FAQs:

Why is brand innovation important?

Innovation is the cornerstone of any brand strategy. Out with the old and in with the new should be embraced at all times if businesses hope to stay relevant within dynamic markets. Differentiating yourself from competitors and solidifying a clear USP will allow you to grow your brand sustainably, whilst providing new value to your audiences. The corporation giants we know today place innovation at the forefront of their brand strategy.

Here at BGN, we have facilitated brand innovation with proven success. We work closely with brands throughout their life cycle to maintain constant innovation to disrupt markets and create meaningful change. What isn't broken does not always need to be fixed, however, the development of existing products or services requires intricate innovation if brands wish to take things to the next level.

What different innovation strategies do I need to consider?

Brand innovation extends beyond your products or services. Here are a number of innovations you need to consider if you are looking to grow:

  • Organisation innovation
  • Marketing innovation
  • Branding innovation
  • Business structure innovation
  • Technological innovation
  • Communications innovation

Focusing your attention solely on product or service innovation may leave your brand with inconsistencies. Within our brand innovation services, we will relay the importance of focusing on all brand aspects that require innovation in line with new developments, from your brand naming to guidelines and social media presence.

Do you have any examples of your brand innovation?

Our services go beyond brand innovation, we can support your business from brand inception, all the way through to web development. We have a full portfolio of examples of how we can help transform brands. As experienced strategists and creators, we know what it takes to bring an idea to life. If you have any questions regarding our brand innovation services, from brand naming to motion design, UX and visual identity, be sure to get in touch with our team.

What does a brand innovation workshop consist of?

The brand innovation workshops at our agency in Manchester are all about collaborative thinking, with a focus on the following topics throughout to guide the process:

  • Brand story
  • Brand vision
  • Values
  • Audience needs
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand essence
  • Brand ‘why’

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