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Great brands are built on solid foundations. Here at BGN, we believe that having a clear and consistent brand strategy is essential for success.

Businesses that stay complacent with outdated brand strategies leave themselves vulnerable to falling behind the competition. As a leading brand strategy agency, we pay close attention to the goals and current position of your business before curating an actionable branding strategy.

Understanding your brands identity through brand research, its differentiation and how it should be represented for optimal results are all factored into brand strategy. Our experienced team of brand strategy consultants use this structure to outline what brand success can look like for you.

Purpose, Positioning & Proposition

Businesses that stay complacent with outdated brand strategies leave themselves vulnerable to falling behind the competition. As a leading brand strategy agency, we pay close attention to the goals and current position of your business before curating an actionable branding strategy.

Understanding your brands identity, its differentiation and how it should be represented for optimal results are all factored into brand strategy. Our experienced team of brand strategy consultants use this structure to outline what brand success can look like for you.

The intricate landscape of business means a well defined branding strategy is key to all stages of a brands life cycle. A robust strategy created by our brand strategy consultants will help you navigate your business from a branding perspective, guiding you through evolving consumer landscapes with brand innovation and maintaining a staple identity that lands your businesses its rightful and secure place within its market segment.

An understanding of how your brand will communicate with audiences, plus a vision for sustainable growth, is a good place to start, but creating a concise plan for implementation is where many businesses fail. A cohesive branding strategy consists of a number of metrics that we factor into our projects as a leading brand strategy agency. Establishing a unique brand identity is what we strive for, and through creating and then implementing our tailored branding strategies, we unlock the full potential of your business.

Our Brand Strategy Services As An Agency

Brand Workshops

Part of our branding strategy involves hosting a brand workshop. We carry these out to take a deep dive into the core identity of your brand. Taking note of key stakeholders, customer experience and your vision and goals, we can explore and define what shapes your brand essence. Establishing this from the get go will pave the way in planning an impactful branding strategy to elevate your brand's presence. Executing a brand workshop within your brand strategy offers an opportunity to collaborate with all key parties involved. Through sharing and determining the brand purpose and direction, our brand strategy agency can nurture its development.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy can be developed once there is a deeper understanding of what it currently represents, and what the future aspirations are for the business. Here at BGN, we factor in all of the pivotal elements that build your brand's identity, from visual and verbal identity through to how this translates on your website and social campaigns, and create a roadmap for any forthcoming changes and estimated results.


Determining your brands positioning is also crucial to assess whether its current placement aligns with the short and long term business goals. Our brand strategy agency includes positioning in brand strategies, as being a dominant force within ever changing markets is essential to compete against growing competition.

Value Proposition Development

Our branding strategy will also take a closer look at your value proposition development. This is a strategic process by which we identify the unique value your brand provides to its customers. Solidifying your brand's purpose and mission in the minds of its consumers will not only support its sustainable growth, but will also make it a leader within the industry. We will assess how your product compares to competitors and establish why consumers feel it offers greater appeal. If something is missing, we will work with you to uncover how to differentiate your brand.

Brand Guardianship

Brand guardianship is the preservation of your brand across all possible channels. Our brand strategy agency in Manchester will assess the consistency of your brand's narrative, ensuring that an accurate message is being shared across the board. From your customer interactions to your branding campaigns, ensuring that your brand consistently sticks to its guidelines will support the growth and continuity of your brand's message.

Brand Models and Frameworks

Your brand model and framework will allow you to structure your branding with tangible guidelines. As part of our brand strategy, we will collaborate in creating your brand framework using strategic alignment, differentiation, and most importantly solidifying your communicative strategy, to name a few metrics. There are a number of brand framework models we can use to determine these principles and we will be able to showcase this visually based on your request.

Brand Message Strategy and Communication

When adhered to consistently, your brand strategy in relation to communication can be the determining factor in perfecting your brand's image in terms of customer perception. Communication across all channels, including social media, web design, advertising, and customer interactions, needs to provide a harmonious message that delivers a clear brand message. Solidifying your brand communication within your brand strategy will reinforce your ideal message, and create the ideal perception for optimal customer engagement.

Brand Audits

Brand audits are another imperative element of an effective brand strategy. Our brand strategy agency will carry out an audit to help us to assess your brand's current position within its market segment, whilst identifying areas of strength and weakness. A brand audit can be specific to key areas of your businesses such as your current communication or brand engagement, but a comprehensive brand strategy would require a complete brand audit including all metrics of the business. Brand audits are an insightful tool that we use within our strategy to ensure that no stone is left unturned in regards to your brand strategy. From here, we can implement effective steps towards change, driving the brand towards the direction of growing success.

Brand Strategy Process

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.

Brand workshop

We can’t outline your path to success without first understanding who you are. That’s why we start by hosting a brand workshop, where we flesh out what you stand for, what your expectations are, and how we will tailor our process based on your business.

Competitor analysis

From there, our brand strategy team will conduct a competitor analysis to determine your position within the market and identify clear USP’s that should be highlighted within branding.

Brand audit

Our brand strategists in Manchester will then take these business aims, current insights and competitor analysis to begin conducting a brand audit. They include your ‘what, how and why’ as well as values, audience needs and SWOT analysis. We will present our findings and recommendations for brand strategy and development with you and close stakeholders for optimal internal insight.

From stand-out concept to print-ready artwork

Once you’ve chosen a stand-out concept (or combination of different concepts) from our creative packaging pitches, we’ll refine it and take you all the way to production. Print-ready artwork can go to your preferred printer, or one of our partners.


Finally, we’ll give you the tools to measure the difference that your new branding strategy has made. Clear objectives and success metrics enable you to consistently work towards your vision of the future.

Brand Strategy Agency - FAQ's:

What do brand strategy agencies do?

Brand strategy agencies help to assess, evaluate and redefine a range of branding factors such as brand identity, performance and branding strategy for your products or services. Here at BGN, our brand strategy agency gives actionable advice and insights into the optimal potential of your branding, giving your brand new meaning and a roadmap for change that adapts quickly with the competitive markets .

We pride ourselves on being excellent researchers. Our brand strategy agency will create internal reports and a competitor analysis that will assist in shaping a successful branding framework to help your business excel against large-scale competitors. We will also discover new methods of differentiating your brand’s value, which will act as a catalyst for your businesses' success overtime. In addition to this, our brand strategy agency in Manchester can perfect your brand's communication with your brand strategy, and identify new ways to resonate and connect with your target audiences.

What does a good brand strategy entail?

A good brand strategy starts with an intricate understanding of a brand's current position, its relationship with consumers, and its authority against close competitors. A comprehensive brand audit and brand workshop is where any successful brand strategy should begin. Creating a strategy for short term and long term branding success, your brand strategy should go into detail about every element of your branding, from where you are positioned against competitors, your core values and how they are currently being communicated across your platforms.

The brand's values, target audience, positioning, guardianship and framework should all be defined strategically inline with the curated brand strategy. Working with brand strategy agencies can strengthen your branding, as you will have the opportunity to work with strategists that have extensive experience with successful campaigns, with case studies to show for it.

What is a SWOT analysis within a brand strategy?

Within our brand strategy at BGN, we carry out a SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat) as part of our audit. A SWOT analysis collates accurate data based on internal and external factors that dictate the current performance, whilst also spotting any potential future threats. With this, areas of weaknesses can be identified and rectified within a newly fabricated brand strategy, one which takes into consideration the full SWOT analysis. From outdated technologies to unacknowledged opportunities, the SWOT analysis will uncover valuable insights that can create the foundation for future success.

Why hire BGN as your brand strategy agency?

Every business needs long and short-term business goals, to seek new ways in which they can maintain customer loyalty whilst gaining competitive advantages. Re-branding could be the answer and BGN can help with this by creating a branding strategy. If you are a new brand wanting to create an introduction for new products or services, we can also support you. As a leading brand strategy agency, we can help with this and so much more. We will help to create a strategy to help you perform the following and much more:

  • Product Differentiation + Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Brand Positioning
  • Target Audience Research
  • Improve Communication With Audiences

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