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Wordpress Website Design Agency in Manchester.

We build websites on WordPress that are adaptable, responsive and completely custom to your business.

At BGN, our combination of technical knowledge and our design background helps us to strike the perfect balance between functionality and flair. As a WordPress design agency, we’ve worked with WordPress as a CMS for years and it’s definitely one of our preferred platforms for lead generation businesses. We are confident that our team in Manchester will develop and design a WordPress website that exceeds your expectations and pushes you in front of the competition. We understand just how important having a great website is in today’s climate, so we’re ready and waiting to help you make it happen.

WordPress Web Design

We’re an experienced WordPress web design and development agency, meaning we can create an exceptional website for you that both looks great and is also highly functional for the user. Our team in Manchester are extremely passionate about what we do, not to mention great at it, so you know that from the initial development stages through to the final testing, we go above and beyond.

From a development perspective, WordPress is a strong platform choice as it can be built to fit the exact requirements of your business. In terms of usability moving forwards for your business, WordPress is extremely user friendly in terms of adding new pages, blog posts and images, as well as having fantastic community support. As a WordPress design agency, we’ve worked on everything from small and simple projects to full website builds for large corporations, so we know we’re well equipped to deliver a website you’re proud of. 

Our Wordpress Website Design Services

Back End WordPress Development

Back end WordPress development is all about the server-side and ensuring that the foundations of a strong website are in place. This includes focusing on the site architecture to programming languages, how data is processed and security. When the data on a website is stored and handled properly through effective backend web development, you’re setting the website up for success moving forward, in terms of functionality, website speed and everything in between. Working with an experienced WordPress web design agency helps you to achieve that.

Front End WordPress Development

The front end section of web development is all about the user interface and user experience elements of a website, using programming to create what the user sees on a website, as well as a fantastic web design. Back end and front end WordPress web development are equally as important as one another and a great website doesn’t exist without both being done to the highest standard.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress website design focuses on the creative aspects on your website that bring it to life, such as digital artwork and animation. Our WordPress design agency based in Manchester always ensures that any graphic design elements never interfere with the development components, for example any animations implemented are designed to prevent them slowing the website down or resulting in a poor user experience.

UX Testing

Website usability testing is integrated into the core of our design and development process as a WordPress agency – starting at a surprisingly early stage. We look into types of usability testing from the beginning, to ensure each aspect of your website is geared towards excellent user experience at every stage of the user journey.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Having a website maintenance plan in place is important to keep your website in the best condition possible with regular services. From ensuring your security is up to date to helping with changes on the website, our WordPress development team in Manchester can help you to save time and keep your website secure and up to date with ongoing support and maintenance.

Our WordPress Web Design Process

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.

Analysis & research

The first phase of our process as a WordPress web development agency is analysis and research. We spend time getting to know your business and understanding what you want to achieve with the build.


Next we start creating the wireframes to show how space will be allocated on different pages, different functionalities, call to actions and basically every core detail you see on a web page. At this point this won’t include much detail in terms of branding or graphics, which will come in the next phase.

Development & design

From here, our WordPress design team begins developing and designing your website. Starting with backend development and moving through to front end, design and user experience, we’re not only highly experienced as a WordPress development agency but our team in Manchester are extremely passionate, so we’re sure you’ll love our work.


Once the core build is complete, we will begin the thorough testing phase. As a WordPress design agency, testing is conducted throughout the entire process, yet this step involves all of the final tests to ensure your website functions as it should in every eventuality.

Deployment & maintenance

Lastly, we manage the deployment of the website and migration if you’re moving from another CMS, as well as discussing options for website maintenance moving forwards.

WordPress Web Design & Development - FAQ's

Benefits of WordPress for design agencies?

As a WordPress design agency, we love working with this CMS as the platform is designed to be highly customisable. We don’t use pre-set themes, but build the templates for your website from scratch, and WordPress gives us the space to do that to suit the required functionality of your website. WordPress also supports responsive designs, meaning our WordPress web design agency can ensure that your mobile users have a positive experience on your website. WordPress is also a very diverse platform, meaning whether we are tasked with a very small website or a much larger build, we can combine our skills with the flexibility the CMS offers to create a bespoke website for your business to the highest standard.

Advantages of WordPress for website owners?

There are plenty of advantages of using WordPress as a CMS for website owners:

  • Cost effective: WordPress is known for being a cost effective practice, with the paid versions of the platform (which we would recommend) being affordable
  • Reliable: WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS’s by lead generation businesses, meaning it’s highly reliable and stable overall as a platform
  • Community support: there are so many WordPress resources available to help you with the day to day running of your website
  • Security: WordPress is a very secure CMS, especially when paired with secure web hosting and strong passwords

Are your WordPress websites bespoke?

At BGN, our WordPress websites are all bespoke. Our WordPress design and development agency in Manchester builds the templates for your website from scratch, which helps to reduce unneeded code on the website as well as creating the exact functionalities you require for your website and business goals. Often websites built using existing templates and too many plugins are slow and look similar to many others, however our WordPress web design team specialise in custom built websites that are fast and offer a completely unique experience for your customers that they won’t be able to get from their competitors.

Does WordPress support SEO?

WordPress is an SEO friendly CMS, with plenty of features to help with this core digital marketing strategy. From easy indexing settings to SEO plugins, clear website hierarchies and easy URL customisation, you have plenty of control over a range of SEO components with WordPress. When you have a good SEO strategy in place, WordPress can support it. The way we design and develop WordPress websites as an agency is always with SEO best practice in mind.

What type of business is WordPress best for?

WordPress is definitely best suited to lead generation businesses, where purchases won’t be made on the website. Whilst WordPress can be utilised for e-commerce businesses, this isn’t something we’d recommend as a WordPress development agency, as we find it’s much better tailored to websites that have goals such as users submitting a form rather than browsing products and then making a purchase.

We’d recommend Shopify or WooCommerce for ecommerce, as WordPress isn’t built specifically for ecommerce and it may take quite a lot more work to get it to function as you want it to as a store compared to if you were to choose Shopify or WooCommerce. As well as being a WordPress web development agency, our team in Manchester work with a range of different CMS’s including those best suited to ecommerce, so we can provide recommendations for your CMS following the initial research and analysis stages.

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