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Let our brand naming agency get things right the first time around for you, whether you’re rebranding or starting from scratch, to develop the right identity for your business.

Product or brand naming may seem simple on paper but it can, in fact, become quickly overwhelming. It’s tricky enough to come up with a name that ticks all the necessary boxes – being as easy to spell as it is to pronounce, reflecting an aspect of what you do, evoking the right emotions and so on. Combine this with finding one that has appropriate domains available for it, hasn't been taken on social media and hasn't been trademarked, and it soon becomes clear there is a lot of criteria to meet. Our brand naming agency is here to help you get all of this right.


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the right brand name, as it’s the face of your business and is your opportunity to bring something unique to your industry. A brand name consultant like BGN will be able to cover all aspects of your brand name, from the creative side through to the practical components in terms of trademarking. You know your business best, however a second pair of eyes can be invaluable in a naming project. As part of our brand name consultant services, we typically come up with several name options, with rationale behind each one which can then be discussed before finalising the decision. 

Our Product and Brand Naming Services

Name Creation

Of course, a core part of our product and brand naming services is the name creation itself. Following the research phase, our creative team will begin to find naming options that will help you to stand out in your market, create a lasting impression, encourage specific emotions, be distinctive and resonate with your target audience. Harnessing the power of emotion through your product or brand naming is key for lasting success. We can assist you with both product and brand naming, to either ensure the launch of your new branding or a new product gains traction in your industry.

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Portfolio Name Creation

Effectively naming your portfolio, whether as an individual or an organisation, is key to ensuring your curated space reaches its full potential. When sharing your work with potential employers, collaborators or the press, you want to make that strong first impression. A great portfolio name, which is also clearly reflected through the domain name, will make your portfolio memorable and give an initial insight into who you are and what your work represents. The right name and branding will also set you apart from other potential candidates, so working with a brand naming agency to get it right can really make all the difference.

Intellectual Property

Something that is thoroughly considered throughout the creative phases of brand naming is also the more practical component which is the intellectual property. Whilst our brand naming agency may help you find the perfect choice for your business, if another brand or business has already trademarked it, then it’s no use. Throughout the stages when we conceptualise initial ideas, checking elements like trademarking and social media use is key to prevent disappointment at any phase of the brand naming process.

Our Naming Process


First up, our brand naming team in Manchester get to know you and your business through and through, understanding what it is you want to convey through your brand or product. We also establish who you want to resonate with in terms of an audience and what your USP’s are.


We will then conduct an audit of the existing brands in the market landscape, including what they do well or what they could have improved in order to make more of an impact. Identifying other brands and analysing them in detail also helps to see where the gaps are in terms of what your brand and product can offer in terms of naming.


We then begin the creative phase of conceptualising different ideas for your brand naming, creating multiple different names to present to you along with the thought processes behind them. At this point, we also conduct checks to ensure that there are no trademarking or IP issues. If relevant, we will also contextualise the new product or brand name in a hierarchy with your existing product ranges or sub-brands.


From here, our product and brand naming agency team will present our ideas and establish a firmer direction in terms of the naming, either expanding on the concepts we’ve created or choosing a more final direction.


Lastly, once a name has been decided and the trademarking is cleared, we can help you to roll out the new brand or product name in a way that is engaging and inclusive of your current audience (if applicable).

FAQ's About Our Naming

How to choose a brand name

When it comes to how to choose a brand name, the general rule of thumb is to carefully consider all options before reaching a decision. Ensuring you’ve picked an original idea that is free from trademarking and is very different to anything else in your industry is key.

When you have shortlisted options, we carry out domain and social media checks to recommend available handles. Then, we’ll conduct trademark checks to make sure we haven’t been beaten to the punch already in your sector by a similarly-named competitor.

What’s more, we’re able to take your brand naming project further as an agency by offering assistance with brand design and website development. We’ll already have a thorough understanding of your brand, meaning we’re in a great position to take it further.

How to involve existing customers with brand name by change

If you’re looking to change your existing brand name during the rebranding process, then keeping your customers involved is key. When you have a large and loyal following, involving them in the process of changing over to a new brand name will help them to feel engaged and will encourage trust. So, instead, use this as an opportunity to involve your audience and show them you care about their opinion (we can help with this process as a brand naming agency).

Utilise storytelling and explain to your customers why you’re moving in that direction for your brand and what’s changing. You could also encourage more engagement by running a competition with a giveaway or discount, potentially in exchange for providing feedback on the changes. No matter which direction you decide to go in with your brand name change, it’s important to involve your customers and use it as an opportunity to engage with them, which is possible with the help of the right brand naming agency.

Can you change the brand name without a full brand restructure?

Yes, it is possible to change your brand name without needing a full restructure, however we would always recommend that your new name is reviewed alongside your current offering as a business in order to make sure everything is aligned. Ensuring your new brand name is consistent with the products or services you offer, or that a new product name is recognisable to other iconic products your customers know and love, will help to improve the likelihood of its success.

When you are changing a brand name, this is a good opportunity to work with an experienced brand naming agency to also look at the overall strategy and see whether there are opportunities to evolve your brand. Rebranding in stages isn’t the most effective method, as it’s best to present your customers with your new brand as a whole and get them involved in the process. So, reviewing the rest of your branding in line with your new brand name is always valuable.

Tips for rolling out a new brand name successfully

  • Plan your rollout, including who will need to be notified, which assets will need to be changed and how you will launch across different channels.
  • Create timelines and checklists with the people responsible for each part of the brand naming rollout process to ensure deadlines are hit.
  • Launch the rebrand internally with guidelines about how it will be rolled out externally, to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and any old branding is sent out post-launch.
  • Create something exciting to go with your brand renaming going live, such as a competition or event, to keep customers engaged with the process.
  • Remember to take your time in getting the launch of your new brand name right, the help of an experienced brand naming agency can help with this.

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