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Your verbal identity says everything about you and is fundamental to your business, which is where our specialism as a brand tone of voice agency comes in.

Language is ever-changing. Whether it’s how television communicates with us, how politicians talk or even how children’s programs are speaking to their audience. Communication changes as time goes on and this is why having a targeted brand communication strategy is important. Working with a dedicated brand tone of voice agency shapes your branding and helps decide every decision you make afterwards such as your brand communication strategy.

Verbal Identity

Tone of voice should guide every message that your brand puts out. Get it right with your tone of voice agency and you’ll reinforce the value of your product and the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. Achieve consistency in your brand tone of voice across platforms, from your social campaigns through to animation and web design, and you’ll be taken seriously by new customers, whilst ensuring that you retain existing ones. It helps to bring the element of human touch to your brand, which is increasingly difficult in a digital world.

As well as recommending a new brand tone of voice and producing guidelines to that effect, we can audit your existing brand messaging strategy – analysing it in terms of structure, grammar and even right down to individual word choices. Great verbal identity and tone of voice don’t come out of nowhere, but are carefully crafted by the right brand tone of voice agency to help you maintain consistency across platforms, build trust with your audience and over time, grow your business. When this is aligned with a fantastic visual identity, it can transform your brand.


Our Brand Tone Of Voice Services

Brand Tone Of Voice Consultations

We start all of our tone of voice and verbal identity strategies at our agency in Manchester with a thorough consultation. With the level of depth in each brand messaging consultation we carry out, we are perfectly positioned to not only recommend how your messaging could be improved, but with the expertise we have in-house, our agency can draw up completely new tone of voice guidelines – committing the voice you have already to paper to make it easier for newcomers to your business to replicate, or completely overhauling it to better convey the brand you want to be going forward.

Messaging Frameworks

Messaging frameworks are extremely helpful in learning how to utilise different tones of voice in different scenarios for your business. Our tone of voice agency will provide these visual frameworks that highlight how you would utilise different tones depending on the context, usually following the four dimensions of brand tone of voice; humour, respectfulness, formality and enthusiasm. With the right guidance, you can maintain a consistent tone of voice across different channels and scenarios that will resonate with your audience.

Brand Tone Of Voice Guidelines

The tone of voice guidelines we present as an agency are very thorough to ensure consistency across your business:

● Overall brand tone of voice principles

● Before and after examples of site copy showing the new tone of voice applied to legacy content

● Before and after examples of social media messaging and engagement showing the new tone of voice applied to legacy content

● Top line messaging examples to better describe your proposition

● Company tagline evolution exploration

● Copy-based marketing campaign ideas

Communication Platform

A communication platform that is done well by a tone of voice agency helps you to express your brand in a consistent way. It summarises everything from a branding perspective that defines your brand, who you are and your core values. This includes both visual elements like your typography, logo details and iconography that clearly display your brand across packaging and digital design, as well as ideological components including what you stand for as a brand and your history.


Brand tone of voice is all about encouraging people to feel a certain way when they’re reading about your brand. Creating an emotional connection through your copywriting is so important, whether it’s website content, ad copy or anything in between, which the right brand tone of voice agency can help you to do. No matter what your business is, developing a tone of voice that is consistent across your business through copywriting will help to more clearly convey meaning, encourage people to understand your brand better and therefore, feel loyal to it.

Internal Communications

Having a strong sense of brand tone of voice when it comes to internal communications for your business is essential, to give people a sense of belonging in the business and to encourage them to understand who you are as a business, which will then encourage passion from your team. A business that knows who they are, what makes them different and where they stand in the market will retain great employees and attract the best talent in the industry, which is why investing in a tone of voice agency is beneficial to help with stakeholder alignment and onboarding.

Our Brand Tone Of Voice Process

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.

Research & analysis

Whether you’re building on your current brand or completely changing how you speak, we kick off our tone of voice strategy as an agency with a research and analysis phase. This allows us to assess the industry you operate in and identify what differentiates you as a business.


Next, we audit your existing brand tone of voice to determine how well it meets your business objectives. From there, we drill into your values to uncover ways of communicating them more effectively through the language you use.

Tone of voice guidlines

Once we’ve decided on a direction, our team will begin to create a set of brand tone of voice guidelines to ensure your team is singing in harmony. This will include every detail that people across your business need to know.


We will present the tone of voice guidelines and can discuss any changes that you think are required based on your in-depth knowledge of the business.


Finally, we can help you deploy your new tone of voice strategy, from assisting with internal comms to social media announcements, to ensure that the shift for your business to the right tone of voice is a seamless one for both you as a business and your customers.

Brand Tone Of Voice FAQ's

What is a brand tone of voice strategy?

A brand tone of voice strategy is a set of guidelines and a plan created by an agency that enables a brand to strengthen its verbal communication with its audience. The strategy helps to pinpoint the best methods to convey your brand messaging to your target audience. As a leading brand tone of voice agency in Manchester, we create a lasting strategy that helps your brand remain consistent and relevant. We will help your business with growth and also identify where to allocate your resources. There are two main steps in our agency’s brand tone of voice strategy:

Growth: we will take time to create your brand tone of voice strategy and help to identify what brand messaging will convey best with your audience. For your tone of voice to create the best impact, it is key to understand your audience thoroughly. Choosing us as your creative brand tone of voice agency, our team in Manchester understands what it takes to identify your audience’s needs through vigorous research into your industry and competitors.

Resource Allocation: A strong brand communication strategy will enable you to identify the perfect channels to deliver the best returns for engagement with your audience. If you have limited resources, a strong brand tone of voice will help you to build success.

What are the dimensions of tone of voice?

There are many tones of voice for brand communications, but there are 4 dimensions that you should consider. As a leading brand tone of voice agency, we will first identify what type of brand voice will work best for your business. These include:

  • Funny vs Serious

  • Formal vs Casual

  • Respectful vs Irreverent

  • Enthusiastic vs Matter Of Fact

Once we have worked on your brand tone of voice profile, we will then refine your brand communication strategy further by identifying the dimensions you do and don’t want within your brand.

What are brand tone of voice guidelines?

No matter if you’re just starting a new brand, or your existing brand needs a refresh, as a leading brand tone of voice agency in Manchester, we will help you to create the ideal verbal identity for your organisation. To meet your audience and build trust, it’s crucial to be able to say the right things in the right manner. Our tone of voice guidelines will be comprehensive and inspire your growth. With our unique brand voice process, we ensure a practical brand communication strategy that will be simple to incorporate into your brand.

How can you tell what tone of voice your business needs?

The main thing to consider when trying to decide what tone of voice your business needs is to identify how you want to be perceived by your target audience and then decide how you can express that consistently through a range of different channels. As a leading brand tone of voice agency, we have the skills to help you identify what your tone of voice should be as a business, then help you with modifying it across your brand to establish a strong and consistent verbal identity that engages and builds trust with your audience, from packaging through to your website design.

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