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As a web development agency, we keep audiences engaged by delivering fully functioning sites that are dynamic and intuitive.

Experience is everything - especially online, where you only have a matter of seconds to capture a user's attention. Investing in the right web development agency can make all the difference when it comes to your business, as consumers have endless options in today’s market, so setting yourself aside from the competition is key. Whilst having a good-looking website is important and digital design is key, it’s equally as important that it is smooth and functional to use, to prioritise the experience your user has. Our team of web developers in Manchester can help you achieve just that.

Web Development

At BGN, we’re an experienced web development agency with the ability to create an online experience for your customers that will exceed expectations. With every technical element that is implemented on your website, it is key to consider the user and how this will impact the functionality. That is what we specialise in, developing websites that are clear and effortless to use from a customer’s perspective, with a dedicated design team who will then bring the website to life, incorporating your verbal and visual identity effortlessly. Your website is usually an individual’s first interaction with your brand, so investing in an unparalleled website with the right web developers is vital, which our agency in Manchester will help you to deliver. From the core building blocks of web development right through to the final testing phases, our team always goes above and beyond.

Our Web Development Services


The front end segment of web development involves utilising different coding frameworks to focus on the user interface and user experience elements of a website. Our web development agency in Manchester takes the initial vision that we created collaboratively and then brings it to life with practical components.


Backend development is all about working on the server-side and everything that you don’t see on the front end. From ensuring the website delivers properly to site architecture, the storing and processing of data and programming languages, a great looking website is of no use if the website isn’t highly functional, a balance which our web development agency always achieves.


For websites that will have animated components, we utilise GSAP to create engaging animations that help to display information in an interesting appealing way. Adding motion to a website as part of the web development process is important for us as an agency, as we know how much of a difference it can make when it comes to your ability to compete as a business.


WordPress is a fantastic content management system for lead generation websites and it’s one of the CMSs that we may recommend as a web development agency. It can easily be tailored to meet the needs of your business and brand. Our web development team in Manchester are highly competent when it comes to WordPress web development.


WooCommerce is very well suited to ecommerce businesses as it has great flexibility, it can be customised, is a secure CMS and it also has great analytics software to utilise so you can get the most out of your website moving forwards.


Another CMS that is great for ecommerce, and perhaps the most popular one, is Shopify. From easy application integration to excellent customer support and being very responsive when it comes to mobile design, choosing Shopify as the content management system for ecommerce web design provides great building blocks and longevity for your website.


One of our favourite CMSs as a web development agency is Craft, with fantastic features from both a development perspective and also user-friendliness in terms of ongoing work for you as a business. There is a huge amount of community support available, it’s secure and it’s known for being able to create very fast websites which is fantastic from both an SEO and user experience perspective. We have a fantastic team of Craft CMS developers.


Choosing the right hosting for your website is key to ensuring your website is secure, you have adequate technical support, you have consistent and reliable website performance and everything loads quickly for your users. Part of the process when you choose BGN as your web development agency in Manchester is ensuring the right hosting solution is chosen for your website.

Our Web Development Process As An Agency

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.


Every web development project we work on is different and requires a range of web developer services from us as an agency, but each project starts the same way: with a workshop. This marks the beginning of our ideas stage, where we dig deep into your values and discuss how they could be translated into a website.

Strategy & Planning

Next, we begin the strategy and planning section of the web development process, looking at what will be involved in terms of the sitemap, meeting industry requirements, what will need to be hard coded for your website and considering the formatting of each page.

Web Development

Once we have established a clear direction for your website, our team in Manchester will begin the web development process. We will consult you throughout the process and provide you with various versions of the test website to ensure our work aligns with the direction you want to take with your brand. This involves building templates, coding functionalities into your website and overall meeting the needs of your website.

Web Design

The web design element of the process will then start, ensuring that your brand is at the heart of the design to create a hub that is the perfect introduction for new users and a recognisable and highly functional space for existing customers. We always focus on ensuring design components never impact web development, for example very large motion designs that could slow the website down.


Lastly, we conduct thorough testing phases and request final approval, before focusing on the launch and managing the migration process to ensure everything runs smoothly. When you choose our web development agency in Manchester, we support you through every phase of the process.

Web Development Agency in Manchester - FAQ's

Why choose an experienced web development agency?

Not only will a web development agency create an amazing and responsive website, but they will also help to save time and effort in the process. Here are some of the benefits of working with a web development company:

Get The Foundations Of Your Website Right

To compete in a saturated market, you must have the correct structure and foundations for your web development to be able to handle the traffic and deliver content quickly to the user. It needs to be well-optimised, customer-focused and reliable every time a user comes onto the website. This all starts with effective backend development, which our web development agency provides.

Effective Web Development Strategy

When you try web development yourself, or you hire a freelancer, the chances are that you or they are not going to have a tried and tested web development strategy for your build. Having a business requires a business plan, so why don’t you allow us, as your web development agency, to help entwine your business plan with your development and align them both for long-term success? By having a carefully thought out website that is developed for search engines, your plan and audiences, you have more chance of success.

As we work with a range of clients across a number of different industries, we understand what works and what doesn't, so hiring us as your web development agency in Manchester will ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Better User Experience

User experience, also known as UX, is essential for any website. The forefront of web development considerations should include useability, accessibility, functionality and intuitiveness. When you choose our web development company, our team in Manchester uses facts, statistics and experience when making the decisions.

What are the benefits of good web development?

Having great web development followed by fantastic design can transform your business. There are many benefits of good web development including:

It Helps To Build Credibility

As a business, you need to ensure credibility before you can expect users to make an enquiry or purchase from your website. People are now doing more thorough research on everything before they make a decision. One way you can help to encourage users to choose you over competitors is to have a well-structured and trustworthy website that is quick to respond and bug-free. When it functions well, and is also designed to the highest standard by a trusted web development agency, you will be seen as more credible in the eyes of customers.

Faster Loading Website

Since the core web vital update came into place, it is now more important than ever to look at your website’s performance more critically when it comes to web development. This is a huge contributor to gaining rankings for SEO and also to improving user experience. Page speed is now one of, if not the, most important factor in web performance. People make their first impression in seconds, so it is essential to have a fast and responsive website. When you choose our web development agency in Manchester, we know what makes a fast website, so let us help.

Helps To Boost Sales and Revenue

Web development and web design go hand in hand, and when they are paired together, they make an effective tool to draw in more sales and increase your revenue. It allows business-qualified users to come to your website, who have either considered you or are looking around and you have popped up in SERPs. Then, strong web development helps to convert them into a customer. Our web development agency in Manchester has a branding and design background, so we can complete both the development and design phases in a cohesive manner

What are the key technical factors of web development?

Having an agency carry out the web development process is important as we can help you to understand the more technical elements that can’t be forgotten when creating a website. Some of the key technical web development factors include:

Clean Navigation

Clean, visually appealing and intuitive navigation is key when it comes to strong and high quality web development. This begins with the sitemap during the planning stage of our process as a web development agency, ensuring that the design is intuitive and a user never feels at a loss when trying to find where they want to be.

Fast Loading Times

Throughout both our web development and design process, our team in Manchester always focus on quick load times with everything we implement, from reducing unneeded code to minimising JavaScript where possible and ensuring page stability is present. These are just a few examples of the technical issues we focus on when developing websites.

Mobile Friendly

Although it is important to have your desktop website running at its best, it is more important than ever to have your website optimised for mobiles and to ensure that the website itself is mobile-friendly. People are increasingly searching for all of their information and shopping through their mobile devices, so it makes sense that you prioritise these users. By choosing our web development agency to work on building a website for your business, we will ensure that the website is fast, user-friendly and responsive, particularly for mobile.

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