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Digital and Development

The Story

As one of the largest players in the mobile telematics and insure tech landscape, IMS came to us, not for a rebrand, but with a repositioning challenge. They wanted to better define and communicate their USP and set of values. They needed something that only they could own, to help truly set them apart in a crowded market of big, global players.

The process & idea

We held numerous workshops with key stakeholders to uncover what it was that made IMS so special versus their competitors who we also explored and defined. Their greatest differentiator was that In a tech focused sector they were very much about the people behind the tech which meant a better experience for their customers in terms of partnerships and flexibility to meet their needs.
This resulted in a positioning that we defined as ‘people powered technology’.

The Outcome

We refined and sharpened their brand identity, extending their brand assets and producing a detailed and comprehensive guide for the internal team on using the brand across different touchpoints. We also designed and built a website that elevated them above the competition both visually and in terms of user experience.