To set the standard in world of tropical drinks.

Rio Drinks

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Digital, Development and Motion

The Story

Most of the big fizzy drink brands treat their websites as purely transactional with functional product information only. In a category driven by taste, Rio saw an opportunity to set the standard and use this important touchpoint as a way to showcase their brand personality and create further engagement with the brand amongst both their loyal users as well as new potential customers.

The Process

Using the brand positioning of ‘unleashing your sunny side’ and amplifying the existing brand assets, we centred the creative idea around transporting people to the tropical rainforest and bringing this to life in all its colourful and dynamic glory.

From Geoffrey, our mascot marmoset to flying fruit and dropping leaves, there is movement, energy and a sense of dynamism with the site that raises a smile.

The Outcome

The creation of the Fruitilicious game allows RIO to drive traffic through the site running competitions and gives people a reason to return.