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Brand campaigns can make or break a business. Get brand awareness based marketing right, and you’ll see consistent returns on your investment.

At BGN, we’re a leading brand campaign agency based in Manchester. Our campaigns amplify brand recognition and reinforce your message across a range of channels for brand awareness marketing. With the right brand campaign, you’re delivering a coherent message with a dedicated focus on a specific audience to build the right brand recognition. The result? Higher engagement, greater conversions, and better brand visibility.


A well-designed brand campaign is designed to evolve your business and keep it relevant in changing marketplaces, as well as to create branded content for specific business campaigns and events. Not only does your brand campaign help to introduce your business, but a brand awareness campaign portrays your values that help to differentiate from your competitors. This differs from your other marketing campaigns as it does not aim to improve sales, but to inform audiences of who you are and what you are about. As a leading brand campaign agency, we use a multi-pronged strategy to support your marketing efforts. 

Our Brand Campaign Services

Campaign Development

Creating a brand campaign that strengthens your business and has longevity to evolve with your customers is key, which is where campaign development comes in. Creating a brand strategy always involves looking to the future with development in mind and refining campaigns to become industry leaders. As an experienced brand campaign agency, we always consider the longevity of branding for your business.


TV brand campaigns are shown to an incredibly large audience and expose your brand on a mass scale, so having a fantastic TV brand campaign is essential. When this channel is utilised properly, it can be transformative for your business, however taking time to get your TV brand campaign right is a non-negotiable.

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OOH (out of home) advertising refers to billboards, wallscapes or posters and can be a key part of a brand campaign for many businesses. It encourages impulse buying and is usually cost effective, enabling high visibility and impact when done right.


Radio brand campaigns are another option for your business to deliver high reach for your business and can work particularly well for businesses that will appeal to a mass audience. Knowing how to utilise the few seconds you have to advertise is crucial to make a radio brand campaign successful, which our agency in Manchester can do for you.


Promoting your business online with effective digital brand campaigns is key to ensuring your business is evolving with changing marketplaces. Showcasing your product or service in relevant online spaces with exceptional digital assets created by a trusted brand campaign agency can boost brand awareness, encourage engagement and ultimately grow your customer base long-term.


Social media is a very saturated channel, so you need to go into these spaces with a thorough brand campaign in place. Creating branded content that is dedicated to specific social channels and is designed to engage can significantly increase your potential customer base.


Carrying your brand through to your event marketing strategy is highly beneficial, helping you to create a compelling message for your event that ties in closely with your overall business goals, as well as your goals for that specific event.


Experiential marketing, sometimes known as engagement marketing, moves past traditional visual marketing and allows brands to create more of an experience for their customers, for example a pop-up shop that is integrated with their digital channels. Incorporating a brand campaign with your experiential marketing will create a well-rounded experience for consumers.


Having thorough branding as an employer can transform your reputation as a business and help you to appeal to the best employees within your industry. Focusing on a brand campaign for recruitment purposes by working with an agency, as well as your branding for overall business, will help with the future growth.

Internal Comms

Branding in relation to your internal comms helps to highlight your company’s culture and when you have a strong internal brand, it can really benefit your employee retention rate by portraying a strong image for your business.

Our Campaign Process


As a leading brand campaign agency, we think and analyse before we start any form of campaign. To develop a meaningful brand awareness campaign, we first need to lay all the cards down on the table and ask: what do we want to achieve? Who are we targeting? And what will inspire those people to take action?

Competitor Research

We uncover the answers to the right questions, and take a critical eye to both the competition and your previous brand awareness marketing in the competitor research phase. It’s here that we start to shape your story and how it will compel audiences.

Concept Development

Next, our brand campaign team in Manchester will develop these concepts further, mapping out how each of your values solves a customer problem and then also introducing different directions that we can take the campaign. These solutions will serve as the figurehead of your brand campaign, and all channels used will reinforce the benefit of buying into your brand.

Roll Out

We will then complete the delivery by creating all of your required brand campaign content, whether that’s digital assets, internal comms guidelines or a combination of multiple different formats.


Lastly, we finalise all of the brand campaign designs and provide you with the tools to implement your new branding in the most effective way possible.


What should a brand campaign include?

For a brand campaign to work well, there are some key elements that should not be forgotten about. To achieve success, the following should be created and tracked, which we can help you to achieve as a leading brand campaign agency in Manchester.

Campaign Goals and Tracking

This is where it is decided what you are trying to achieve through the brand campaign and what will be done to achieve it. This is done through SMART objectives. Our brand campaign team in Manchester will help you create these if they’re not already established for your business. Having measurable goals to track is also important to analyse the success, which our brand campaign agency can also help with.

Campaign Insight and Targeting

It’s important to establish who will be the target audience for the brand campaign. Who are you trying to reach and influence? By creating personas, we will be able to identify who you should be targeting with your brand campaign and therefore it will be easier to meet the goals of the campaign.

Key Campaign Messages and CTA’s

When working with a brand campaign agency, we can help you to determine the messaging you need to meet the objectives of the campaign, whether that is encouraging sign ups, driving supermarket sales or anything in between.

Campaign Media Plan and Budget

Once we have built your target audience, we can then identify the best channels to utilise within your brand campaign and begin to craft out the strategy for each of them in terms of design. Ensuring this strategy aligns with your budget is also a core part of our process as a brand campaign agency.

What are the levels of brand awareness?

It's important to understand the different levels of brand awareness that will impact your audience's journey. There are 4 key stages to your brand campaign including no awareness, recognition, recall, and top of mind. Our job as a brand campaign agency is to help your target audience to move through these levels to become “Top Of Mind” customers.

Level 1: No Brand Awareness:

When you start a business, it is unlikely that anybody will know who you are or what you are about. This means you will need to build your brand campaign from the ground up. The positive about this level is that there is plenty of room for brand recognition growth.

Level 2: Brand Recognition

Brand recognition will enable you to target your audience to identify your brand through visuals including your logo, slogan, packaging, marketing and even your colour scheme. As a leading brand campaign agency based in Manchester, we can create all of the above for the most relevant brand recognition for your audience

Level 3: Brand Recall:

This occurs when your brand campaign is in full swing. This level is where your audience thinks of you when they need a product or service that you provide. This could be through conversation or association.

Level 4: Top of Mind:

Top-of-mind brand awareness is where your business is the first brand associated with a given product or service. This can take years and many different campaigns to achieve, yet is what every brand strives for through their brand campaigns over time.

What are the stages of brand recognition?

Building a brand will ensure that your customers recognise your business through a product or service that you offer that they will continue to use. There are 5 stages of brand recognition, these include:

Brand Rejection:

If your brand is associated with negative views from your customers, they will actively choose to avoid you and what you offer. If you have ever experienced bad service or a poor product, you already know that you purposely choose to not use them. If this has happened to your brand, our brand campaign agency can help you through rebranding your business in order to remedy bad press.

Brand Non-Recognition:

This is not a bad factor, as it simply means that there is plenty of room for growth. This just means that your audience does not recognise your brand. This could be due to you not differentiating enough between your competitors or being a new business. To remedy this, we can help you to differentiate and disrupt the natural order of your industry.

Brand Recognition:

This is the stage where everything starts to look up for your brand. This stage is where people will recognise your brand for your products or services and will encourage your customers to choose you over some other brand that nobody has heard of. For this to succeed, you need to keep in mind that your business needs to show differentiating factors from your competitors through thorough brand campaigns, as they will be aiming for this too.

Brand Preference:

Brand preference is when your potential customers are given the choice between your brand and your competitors and they opt for your product or service. This is often due to the differentiating factors as well as the needs that you cater to. It will also be due to the excellent service you provide or the quality of your product. Show value through your brand campaigns and your customers will always choose you.

Brand Loyalty:

This is the stage where you know you have made it. This is where your customers will continually choose your brand over others. They know the product or service is great, it aligns with their views and it fulfils their needs in the right way.

Through your brand campaign, our agency in Manchester can help you to do this and create a lasting brand that everyone respects and loves. Contact us today for more information on how we can boost your brand awareness.

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