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Accent Housing

Campaign, Digital, Strategy and Video

The Client

Accent Housing is a housing association like no other, one dedicated not just to helping people get onto the housing ladder, but doing whatever it takes to keep them there too.


Accent approached BGN having put the finishing touches on their corporate strategy for the next three years. The problem was, though they were happy with the strategy they had agreed upon, they were less confident about rolling it out to the rest of the Accent team nationwide. In order to do so, we needed to develop and deliver the Accent brand before coming up with a captivating campaign and strategy to roll out their corporate strategy. No pressure, then…


With the marque, logotype and primary brand colour palette already established, we set about fleshing out the Accent brand with new typefaces, an expanded (and therefore more versatile) brand palette, distinctive and ownable iconography. This was then supported with a series of impactful, less corporate-sounding messages to quickly convey to staff what did and didn’t need to change going forward. These became invaluable assets in providing Accent with all of the printed material they needed to make sure their launch went without a single hitch.


“So Far” is the centrepiece of the entire corporate strategy launch campaign. Enlisting the video production expertise of The Gate and Duncan Elliott’s stunning portraiture, “So Far” is a series of honest, minimally edited conversations between Accent staff and customers.


They sit down, having never met before, and share their journey with Accent – how they contribute to and benefit from Accent, where they were before Accent and where they are today. These stories perfectly encapsulate the through line of Accent’s corporate strategy, one of being with customers and staff alike for their journey through life.