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Invest in BGN as your ecommerce web design agency and we will exceed your expectations, creating highly functional, fast and engaging websites to transform your business.

E-commerce has continued to grow from strength to strength, with online sites fast becoming the first port of call for shoppers of all ages. Therefore, investment in the right e-commerce website design and development is critical for businesses. Making sure the experience that you provide is fast, simple and fun to engage with should be a number one priority, which our ecommerce web design agency in Manchester specialises in.


Perhaps our key differentiator as an e-commerce web design agency is our policy of being led by your brand, first and foremost. This includes everything from the strategy behind it, the values that guide you, and so on. It is only with this strategic understanding, either provided by you or arrived at with our assistance, that we can truly hit the ground running. We’ll create an ecommerce website design that best represents your brand and everything your customers have come to expect from you.

When working with an e-commerce web design company like BGN, you can expect support and communication at every stage from design to deployment. With KPIs agreed upon, a technical specification drawn up and interactive wireframes signed off and satisfactorily tested, we can proceed with the ecommerce web design.

Our Ecommerce Website Design Services

Back End Development

Creating strong building blocks for an ecommerce website is key, which is where backend web development comes in. This is all about everything that goes on behind the scenes of a website rather than what the user sees, for example, everything server-side, the site architecture and programming. Getting backend development right sets your website up for success in every other area, which is something our ecommerce web design team in Manchester always ensures.

Front End Development

As well as having a website that is soundly built in terms of the backend, we’re experts in the user interface and user experience elements of a website, or front end development. This is to do with developing everything the user sees on the website to be engaging and easily navigable, as well as to make it easy for them to convert into a customer, which is the end goal for ecommerce websites. When it comes to ecommerce, if your website doesn’t provide the experience a user wants, they have plenty of other options, so we ensure that as an ecommerce design agency, our websites provide the best possible experience. As an agency, we have a fantastic branding team who can ensure that a thorough brand strategy is incorporated into your ecommerce web design.

Website Design

It’s also important to place significance on website design features for ecommerce websites, such as digital artwork and animation, to quickly engage users and showcase your products in an easily accessible way. With a design and branding background, our ecommerce web design agency is thoroughly equipped to bring your website to life with impeccable design and motion features.

UX Testing

For us as an ecommerce design agency, usability testing is a core part of the entire design and development process. From as early as the prototyping stage, UX testing is embedded within our process to ensure we maintain a clear focus on creating a website that delivers what a user wants. The end result? Happy customers, improved conversion rates and a successful business.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

After the deployment of your ecommerce website, our design and development team in Manchester can work with you on a maintenance plan to keep your website in great condition, from security updates to assisting with changes on the website and helping you get used to the CMS.

Our E-Commerce Web Design Agency

As with any of our processes, we always start off with thinking before doing.

Analysis & Research

We start every ecommerce web design project as an agency with the analysis and research stage, where we get to know every detail of your business and what you’re looking to achieve from the project, as well as conduct competitor analysis.


We can then begin working on the wireframes, where we map out some of the core pages on a website (for example how the homepage, collection pages and product pages) and showcase how they will look in terms of functionalities, space allocation and call to actions.

Design & Development

From here, our ecommerce design team begins developing and designing your website. We focus on backend development for the key building blocks, frontend development for impeccable UX design and then finally the creative design process to bring your website to life.


Once the core build is complete, we will start the review and testing phase. Our ecommerce website design agency in Manchester conducts testing throughout the entire process, as well as final tests prior to deployment.

Deployment & Maintenance

Finally, it’s time to deploy your website and our ecommerce web development team can assist with the management of the migration if you’re moving over from a different content management system. We can also establish the plan for website maintenance moving forward.

E-Commerce Website Design Agency - FAQs

What is the best CMS for ecommerce web design?

Different CMS platforms are well suited to different websites and their goals, however, our go-to content management systems as an ecommerce web design agency are Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. This is because all of these platforms are highly customisable, so we can build websites that deliver the functionalities you need for your website precisely and in a design that aligns with your brand. They are also renowned for enabling ecommerce web design agencies to develop websites that are fast, reliable and provide a fantastic experience for the user. When we’re in the initial analysis and research stage, we can recommend the right content management system for your goals specifically.

What to expect when working with us as your ecommerce web design agency

During the development and deployment process, our ecommerce design agency in Manchester deliver on the following:

  • Every bullet point of the technical specification
  • Integration with your current e-commerce platform, or with our recommended e-commerce platform if you don’t already have one in place
  • Search functionality
  • Email sign-ups
  • Social media integration
  • Compliance with EU cookies regulations
  • The ability to download collected data as a PDF
  • A blog built in the latest version of WordPress, or your preferred platform
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up
  • Set up of a preferred heat mapping software

We have been developing and designing ecommerce websites as an agency for years, so we can also customise the process to exactly what you need.

Why are responsive designs important for ecommerce website design?

The majority of consumers now favour using their mobile when shopping, so ensuring that your ecommerce website design agency is focused on a responsive design is a must. That’s always a focus for our team in Manchester, as we understand just how much of a difference that a responsive website can have when it comes to engagement statistics, conversion rates and revenue. Consumers continue to evolve, and as online markets become more saturated, they have plenty of options when it comes to shopping. So, choose the right ecommerce design agency to ensure that you are providing the best possible experience for your user, particularly on mobile, in your industry.

Do you focus on UX design within your ecommerce web design?

Absolutely. At BGN, every stage of the ecommerce planning, development and web design phases is focused on UX design. When UX design is a consideration throughout the process, rather than an afterthought, it provides a clear direction for every decision made along the way, saving both time and money, as well as resulting in a well designed website that will deliver exactly what your users are looking for.

There are so many components when it comes to UX design and ecommerce web design to consider. Users can drop off at so many different stages in the user journey, so considering everything from the initial impressions on landing pages through to thorough details about the checkout and payment options is essential. You want to make sure your website is easy to navigate and your user can simply find what they’re looking for and complete the purchase without anything holding them back.

Without an experienced ecommerce design agency, this is easier said than done! Our strategy is not to focus on what should work in theory, but to conduct thorough research, analysis and user testing to ensure that we know it will work in practice, too.

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