Empowering a brand to empower their teams and customers.

Public Desire

Branding, Campaign, Digital, Packaging, Print and Strategy

The world of fast fashion in e-commerce is a fiercely competitive one, with brands all over the world vying for their customers attention and spend. In this world where price is king, Public Desire aim to be a brand that stands for something and stands out.

The Challenge

Public Desire were an already successful brand with an engaged audience, a product range that sold well across their global markets and a visual identity that worked across their touch-points. What they needed was to inspire their internal teams, ultimately empowering them to create their own campaign concepts and visuals that communicated their ethos.


Working with their internal teams, we quickly discovered the very essence of the PD brand. The business empowers it's employees to be themselves, so that the brand and products can empower their customers.

Before anyone else

In order for the brand to be successful in such a fast paced industry they realised the need to be ahead of trends, always being 'before anyone else'. This mantra, along with the underlying desire to empower, drove our work to put in place a visual system that their in-house teams could roll out in a timely manner whilst ensuring that the message of empowerment was retained.