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Digital, Development and Motion

The Story

Empiric, a leading global technology recruitment firm working with some of the largest technology brands in the world, offers a service that sets the standard in their space. They needed a platform that echoed their core values, built brand presence online, and effectively communicated the product offering.

The Process

Working closely with the team at Empiric in a digital workshop, we defined the challenges and needs of the platform. It was uncovered that the vast majority of the competitor landscape was a visual sea of the same, and with a service that surpasses everyone else, we needed to ensure the platform visually separates them from the competition.

As part of the redesign, we created some additional assets to help evolve the existing brand.

The Outcome

A website that sets the standard in its space, visually separating it from anyone else in the market while also reflecting its brand values and vision. Its modernised brand experience and easy-to-navigate user journeys have helped them to accomplish their marketing and talent acquisition objectives.