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North Highland

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Campaign, Branding and Motion

The Challenge

Having previously worked with North Highland, a global consulting firm, on brand, motion, and messaging briefs, they tasked us with crafting a compelling Recruitment Campaign that would attract top talent and communicate the extensive benefits and opportunities North Highland offers.

The Process

The ambition was clear: they wanted a campaign that not only highlighted the benefits but also inspired candidates with the promise of making a significant impact and driving meaningful change.

In our exploration, we delved into the heart of their organisational culture and how they foster a ‘People-First Experience’ through three pillars: One Team, Action Now and Lasting capability.

The campaign initially targeted the North of England, coinciding with the opening of a new office in Manchester. We introduced the 'Go North' concept, which not only provided a visual of direction but was also culturally relevant to Manchester and seamlessly tied back to the brand. As we progressed further, the North Highland team recognised the campaign's potential to resonate on a larger, global scale.

The Outcome

A digital campaign that visually illustrated a progressive career path, featuring photography of diverse individuals and messaging that adapted for different career levels. The campaign run across digital and social channels.