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Carlsberg UK — Distilled Annual

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The Challenge

How can we equip the Carlsberg sales team with a tool that boosts their ability to secure more space in bars? The team sought a leave-behind that bar owners and mixologists would genuinely find engaging, rather than the usual mundane sales brochure.

Our Process

By positioning the Carlsberg team as knowledgeable experts with great taste through a collaboration with the sales team as well as renowned category experts, The Thinking Drinkers, to create content that actually inspires and educates as opposed to a traditional brochure that feels overtly ‘salesy’.

The credible and engaging content enhances both the Carlsberg team and portfolio, focusing topics that are relevant and current.


Not being constrained by a set house style in the editorial spreads ensures that each piece is memorable in its own right – making sure that the content, written by award-winning comedy writers the Thinking Drinkers, shines as brightly as it deserves to.

BGN has done an amazing job, and have created something truly unique and stunning. It’s a great mix of style and information without losing sight of the fact that it needs to convey our product range and help with our up-selling and cross-selling strategies.

Michael Puckett
Customer Marketing Manager at CMBC