The next big thing, for the next big things.


Branding, Campaign, Digital, Naming, Print and Strategy

The Challenge

An already successful recruitment consultancy wanted to change their name, brand and entire business model to help them break free of their traditional competitors in an increasingly crowded market space. They wanted to break free from the shackles of recruitment agencies and the often negative associations that have plagued their industry.

Knowit (as it was originally called) knew they wanted to change their name for a while, but had struggled to find anything that met their (exhaustive) criteria of; Different to their competitors, four syllables or less, appropriate, generic, easy to spell, satisfying to pronounce, fun to work with and legally defensible. We knew from experience that finding ANY word or name that didn’t have all the domains taken (whether they were being used or not) could be a frustrating and thankless task.

Creating a new name

We looked for inspiration in the rare, things that exist but are seldom seen (like good recruiters!). We thought about wanting to find a needle in a haystack, finding the amazing candidates for clients, finding the perfect roles for candidates, finding the hidden gems among the rough diamonds, and so, Few & Far was born.

Giving the brand its spirit

Whilst putting in place the brand strategy it quickly became clear that this was a business that had a real spirit that needed to be brought to life in the brand we created. We put some in place some brand characteristics that the Few&Far team can look to and use as a guide when creating assets and messaging.

Creating an identity

The new identity is a visual embodiment of the brands’ spirit. It is bold, confident and extremely honest. It stands out, looks different from others. It carves its own path. It follows no-one. We created a brand that isn’t led by a colour, that stops the viewer in their tracks, that never dilutes the brands message, mission or spirit.

A website with a dual focus

The new Few&Far website needed to do two things and do them well. It needed to appeal to two very different target users (clients and candidates) and their needs, giving them the content relevant to them whilst all the time presenting the business Ibn the right way, ensuring the brand spirit shines through.