Removing the stigma around debt.


Branding, Campaign, Digital, Naming, Print, Strategy and Video

The Story

PomPom are a debt management company on a mission to remove the stigma of debt whilst helping those to achieve financial peace of mind.

The client came to us with an idea for a new business and a new brand. Using their existing experience, helping people out of debt, but with a refreshing new outlook on the financial situation of a lot of the UK population. Whilst they wanted to find the right solution for the people who contact them, they also wanted to create a fun, vibrant brand that people would want to be associated with - one that openly talked about the financial situation in this country and tried to tackle the stigma around debt.

The Process

The business needed a name, and so PomPom was born. Created from the acronym of 'Peace Of Mind' (that being what we want to give to our customers), we arrived at the name PomPom as it enabled us to lean into the idea of a soft, fluffy character with no hard edges, something approachable, friendly and most of all, memorable!

The brand naturally flowed from the name, creating a family of PomPoms, bringing them to life through animation and giving them a sense of personality. Using bright pinks, deep purples and soft lavenders to create a brand that felt fresh and memorable against a sea of blue and green competitors. Friendly, rounded type and simple messaging ensure that the brand talked to people in the right way.

The messaging and creative was centered around the concept of 'tackling debt together', emphasising the collaboration between PomPom and customers to improve their individual situations and contribute to the betterment of the wider community.


Recognising that one of the initial steps individuals in debt take is research, typically utilising the internet to seek assistance, we developed a website tailored to cater to their needs. Leveraging the uplifting essence of the PomPom brand, we designed a platform that seamlessly guides users to embark on their path toward financial peace of mind with ease.


As well as launch materials and unique online presence, the brand needed to be able to stand on its own, with recognisable assets that meant that the PomPom characters wouldn't always need to be used across every touchpoint. We created a series of concepts for video ads using our PomPom in a more subtle way, as a companion that helps people and is by their side in real life situations.