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Growth Kitchen

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The Brief

Growth Kitchen believe that if food delivery became not just better, but great, it would have the potential to replace grocery shopping forever. They help the best growing food brands to expand where they are needed, by using their proprietary data to show where there is appetite for them. They came to us in need of a new visual identity that positioned them as the number one choice for ambitious food brands who needed to grow their operation. We wanted to shine a light on Growth Kitchens data led approach, conveying to the audience that success didn't have to be a gamble, and that their expansion plans could be based on hard facts, supported by proof.


We aimed to redefine the typical appearance of tech businesses, crafting an identity symbolic of the transformative impact we aspire our solution to have on our customers' businesses. Using the simple receipt/ticket device that a delivery driver and end customer may see as our inspiration, we created a logo that included a jagged edge motif and could be used elsewhere throughout the brand, making it more ownable and recognisable.


A vibrant, RGB, digital-first color palette ensured that the brand stood out. With its custom illustrations, icons, and stickers, it has given the brand more to be recognised by than just the logo.