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Change behaviours

There’s no use being disruptive if no one’s watching. Whether you want customers to turn away from a long-established competitor or change how they’ve always done something, you need their attention before you can shift their behaviour. Here’s how to grab it.

Who can change behaviours?

Anyone can persuade consumers to rethink the way they do things, provided you’ve created a product or service that’s new to the market. Look at the world of finance. For so long, banks offered a single customer experience. All of a sudden, fintech businesses like Monzo started creating unique mobile options – and legacy organisations had to catch up. Customers became used to the extra level of convenience and expected it from their brick-and-mortar banks.

But you aren’t just selling convenience, you’re selling you. Your brand needs to look like a disruptor as well as act like one, by consistently explaining the benefits of switching up customer behaviour across various marketing channels. Using a brand strategy agency like BGN helps here – we can map out your value proposition and create assets to match.


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How do I bring in the audience?

You need to research your audience, competitors and the sector at large before you start creating campaigns. If the behaviour you’re changing is down to convenience, highlight just how much easier it is to use your product or service. Or if you’ve found a way to create a more rewarding customer experience, make sure your audience immediately understands why it’s more rewarding.

At BGN, we reshape your brand around the change in behaviour you’re hoping to create. Then, we’ll put you in front of your intended audience using a variety of methods, including social media campaigns, well-designed assets and PPC ads.

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Helping an ambitious fintech start-up attract funding

Where we come in…

You’ve already done the hard part: innovating in an area where none of your competitors have before. Our job is to ensure the world sees it, and recognises that it was you who introduced the change.

After first distilling your values into a brand strategy, we build assets that not only leave your audience wanting more, but are fully in keeping with your brand – further reinforcing your values and encouraging recognition.


Helping a wealth management app on their growth journey

“The end result is something we are really proud of, and the production has made a lasting impression on customers, staff and whoever has seen them. We are delighted to have BGN on board as a key partner.”

Paul Dolan – Chief Executive, Accent Housing Group

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