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Getting out of a slump is easier than it sounds. All businesses, from established industry leaders to recently funded start-ups, face pressure from sales targets and deadlines. But there are ways to get quick wins without compromising the customer experience.

How can I dramatically increase sales?

By doing something you haven’t done before. You need a reaction – and that can be either a new product, an offer or a rebrand. But before you decide between them, you have to assess your audience and determine which of the three they’re most likely to engage with. After that, you need to communicate to your entire team what it is that you’re trying to do. And that requires a revised brand strategy.

This brand strategy needs to include your desired outcomes, methods of achieving them and, most importantly, what you stand for. Everyone from your managing director to your newest employees should be familiar with it before it gets signed off and rolled out. At BGN, we study your market and suggest ways to increase engagement. From there, we help implement a strategy that will light a fire under your sales and marketing team.


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What about market conditions?

Yes, your business will struggle if suppliers let you down or you rely on seasonal income. However, the better your brand is at keeping customers engaged, the less likely you are to be impacted by external factors. Again, this all comes down to communication – making sure that your messaging explains who you are to customers and establishes the values that you and them both share.

Get this right, and your audience will act as ambassadors, increasing brand awareness and netting you greater market share. We make this happen by taking your messaging and making it benefit-led. This then clearly explains to any reader of your marketing collateral (or any prospect in your meeting room) that what they are purchasing from you is vital.

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Where we come in…

In need of immediate success? Get our team in at the earliest opportunity. We’ll provide an overview of your industry and suggest the most effective ways to get more value out of your audience – whether that’s your current customers, prospects, or both. With these insights, we’ll equip your team with the tools to turn heads.

Once you’ve secured higher levels of engagement and your sales and marketing team is working in unison, you’ll be able to create more opportunities, convert more leads and generate higher revenue.

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Driving sign-ups in a competitive landscape

“Working with BGN has been an absolute pleasure. Their team manage to balance the longer-term strategy and branding side of the relationship with the need to react quickly to new creative briefs, consistently coming up with clever ideas and executions on time and, importantly, on budget.”

Oliver St Clair – Communications Director, Loal

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