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Experience is everything - especially online, where you only have a matter of seconds before shoppers decide to go elsewhere. As a web development company, we keep audiences engaged by delivering fully functioning sites that are dynamic and intuitive.

Web Development FAQ's

  • What are the benefits of hiring a Web Development Company?

    Not only will a web development agency create an amazing and responsive website, but they will also help to save time and effort in the process. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a web development company: 

    Save Time To Achieve More

    To compete with your competitors, it is essential that you have the correct structure and foundations for your web development to be able to handle the traffic. It needs to be well-optimised and customer-focused. 

    Do you have time to be creating this type of website? Absolutely not. By hiring a web development company, you are investing more into your business as it allows you to get on with other important factors of your business.

    Effective Web Development Strategy

    When you try web development yourself, or you hire a freelancer, the chances are that you or they are not going to have a tried and tested web development strategy for your build. Having a business requires a business plan, so why don’t you allow us as your web development company to help entwine your business plan with your web development and align them both for long-term success? By having a carefully thought out web design that is developed for search engines, your plan and audiences, you have more chance of success. 

    Due to us working with a wealth of clients in a range of different industries, we understand what works and what doesn’t, so hiring us as your web development agency will ensure that your expectations are exceeded. 

    Better User Experience

    User experience, also known as UX, is essential for any website. The forefront of design considerations should include usability, accessibility, functionality and intuitiveness. Not truly taking these into consideration can result in your competitors winning the business. When aiming to do this yourself, you could subconsciously be biassed in your design, whereas when hiring a web development company, we use facts, statistics and experience when making the decisions. 

  • What are the benefits of good web development?

    Having a poor web developer can be the difference between success and failure. If you have a slow website that is not user-friendly, then you could face your customers being put off and resorting to them going to your competitor. There are many benefits of good web design including:

    It Helps To Build Credibility

    As a business, you need to ensure credibility before you can expect users to make an enquiry or purchase from your website. When more businesses started to build their online presence, it brought an influx of scammers. After this, more people are now doing more thorough research on everything before they make a decision. One way you can help to encourage them to use you is to have well-structured web development. Some pages that must be included to show authority include a contact page, an about us page, a case studies page and a reviews and testimonials page, all of which are easy to navigate.  As a leading web development company, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations. 

    Faster Loading Website

    Since the core web vital update came into place, it is now more important than ever to look at your website’s performance more critically. This is a huge contributor to gaining rankings for SEO and also to improving user experience. Page speed is now one of, if not the, most important factor in web performance. Nobody waits for a website to load, as if it doesn’t, they go to another site. People make their first impression in seconds, so it is essential to have a fast and responsive website. In fact, if you have a slow website, it can make users feel frustrated and they immediately start to look for new options. When you choose our web development company in Manchester, we know what makes a fast website, so let us help.

    Helps To Boost Sales and Revenue

    Web development pairs very well with web design, and when they are paired together, they make an effective tool to draw in more sales and increase your revenue. It allows business-qualified users to come to your website, who have either considered you or are looking around and you have popped up in SERPs. Then, strong web development helps to convert them into a customer.

  • What are the key technical factors of web development?

    Having a web development company help with your web development process is important as we can help you to understand the more technical elements that can’t be forgotten when creating a website. Everything that happens on your website will either positively or negatively impact your user experience. Some of the key technical web development factors include:

    Clean Design

    Clean, visually appealing, responsive and intuitive design results in strong and high quality web design. Text and graphics are one way in which you are going to appeal to your audience, so having one of our specialist web designers to help with the process will benefit your business in more ways than one. 

    Fast Loading Times

    As we said earlier, the last thing a user wants to be doing when on a website is waiting for it to load. When a customer faces this, they often leave and go to your competitor. Having a web developer company to help you with fixing technical issues is vital for success. Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals need to be optimised for the best results possible, for both user experience and SEO benefits.

    Mobile Friendly 

    Although it is important to have your desktop website running at its best, it is more important than ever to have your website optimised for mobiles and to ensure that the website itself is mobile-friendly. More people than ever now search for all of their information and shop through their mobile devices, so it makes sense that you prioritise these users. By hiring a web development company to work on building a website for your business, we will ensure that the website is fast, user friendly and responsive, particularly for mobile.

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