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Fasthosts ProActive

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Branding and Digital

The Challenge

Fasthosts, a leading web hosting provider, briefed us to develop a new brand that not only provided products, but also managed services for web and IT professionals. Through leveraging their extensive experience, credibility, and trusted reputation, the new brand needed to positioned them as the go-to professional provider in the industry.

The Process

Recognising the time constraints and risk aversion of the target audience, coupled with their active interest in performance and feature optimisation, we delved into the concept of a 'personable expert' - an always on, proactive, managed approach. Which led us to develop the brand name Fasthosts ProActive.

We explored ways to visually set Fasthosts ProActive apart from the core brand while harnessing the existing equity it carries. To capture the dynamic essence of Fasthosts ProActive, we introduced a central graphic element: the Trail. This device serves as a representation of movement and continuous progress in all communication efforts.


The use of custom illustrations helped develop a unique personality, enabling us to effectively convey technical concepts and service benefits that would have been challenging to capture through traditional photography.

The Outcome

The new brand successfully launched with the website late 2022 and has featured at industry conferences throughout 2023. Fasthosts have since worked with us on a LinkedIn campaign, which addresses the challenges that ProActive overcomes through its managed services.