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Packaging is the primary physical brand touchpoint that your customers come into contact with. A creative packaging design can be one of the key things that draw people to your product. Product packaging design is an art, and it can really boost the visibility of your product.

Packaging FAQ's

  • What is packaging design?

    Your product’s packaging refers to the material your product comes in. This could be a bottle that holds your shampoo, or the box it comes in. Product packaging design allows the packaging to be multi-functional. It is important that the packaging holds your product well, and ensures that your product is not damaged in any way. The packaging design will allow you to stand out from your competitors. A striking and creative packaging design concept will really allow you to make your brand stand out amidst the competition. While your packaging design must convey your brand’s identity, it must also provide other information. For example, if you have created a food product, your packaging must include nutritional information by law.

  • What makes a good packaging design?

    What do you look at when you select products from the supermarket? When you choose something different than what you normally do, think about the reasons behind this. It could be the price, but more often that not it’s just the allure of the product. Packaging design is a key part of what draws new customers to your product. A good, creative packaging design concept would consider many things when designing your product packaging.

    One of the first things to consider is who will be buying the product? Analysis of your market research and customer base will be paramount at our experienced packaging design agency. Your packaging design should consider who your likely customer base is, so it can appeal to them and attract their attention. Targeting your product’s likely audience through the product packaging design could lead to a higher customer retention rate and customer loyalty.

    Secondly, we would consider where your product will be displayed. If you’re selling your product online, our packaging design pitch would consider this. We would also consider what your product will likely be sold next to. This will allow us to create engaging, creative packaging that will stand out on the website or shelves it’s being sold on.

    Thirdly, our packaging design agency will carefully consider the materials that will make up your packaging design. For example, if you’re an eco-friendly brand, a good branding packaging strategy would be to create your packaging out of sustainable materials. This would be a great way to attract potential customers.

    Good packaging design takes many factors into consideration to produce creative packaging that makes your product stand out.

  • What does the packaging design process involve?

    There are many steps in our packaging design process which sets us apart from every other packaging design agency. For example, we take many steps to make sure our branding packaging strategies really communicate your brand’s ethos.

    One of the first steps we take in our creative packaging plan is to really study your brand, making sure we’re taking into consideration your product to the fullest extent. When coming up with initial mock-ups, we look closely at your iconic brand colours, fonts and logo. We will make sure to include these in our product packaging design, to make sure we’re representing your brand and product in the best possible way.

    One of the next steps we take is to carefully review the content that will be needed on the brand packaging. We will carefully study the written copy that will be needed on your packaging design, for example where your brand name will be and any other text that might entice customers. There might be icons and marks that will need to be put on your packaging by law. We will tailor our strategy to make space for these icons to further ensure the success of your business. We will work closely with you to consider anything further that will need to go on the packaging, for example batch numbers or expiration dates. This way your product packaging design will be optimised for commercial success.

    Furthermore, we will work hard to understand the product layers that you will need. For example, there are two types of packaging- inner and outer. Outer packaging will be the first thing your customer will see, and it’s imperative that your packaging design is optimised to attract potential purchasers. Inner packaging is just as important however, and will help keep your product safe. Each of these layers holds the potential to tell your brand’s story. We will closely consider these layers in our product packaging design

    One of the most important things we do as part of our process is to collect feedback. By sharing the initial designs and noting down feedback, it will allow us to tailor our product packaging design strategy to the customer experience.

    These are some of the key steps in our packaging design process, and allows us to make optimised, creative packaging that will be sure to attract potential new customers. Our packaging design agency is committed to taking every step possible to make excellent packaging for your company.

  • What is the most important role of packaging?

    There are many important roles that the packaging of your product has when it comes to the sale of your product. Protection is one of the most important roles when it comes to product packaging design. Adequately protecting your product will ensure that your rate of customer retention remains high. Customers won’t return to your product if the packaging design does not protect the product inside. 

    However, conveying information about your product is also extremely important when it comes to preparing packaging design. Your customers need to know the basics of your product, including ingredients, manufacturing information and much more. Creative packaging design will adequately communicate this information while not detracting from eye-catching and attractive product packaging design.

    Nonetheless, one of the most important roles of packaging design is marketing. Good branding packaging design can make it so that customers are more attracted to your products. They can increase your brand’s recognition in your chosen target market.

    All of these aspects combined make your product’s packaging design one of the key parts of promoting your product. Ensure you have a creative packaging design that works closely with your product to ensure a packaging strategy that solidifies your brand’s role in the marketplace.

  • What are the benefits of packaging design?

    A good packaging design strategy can massively raise brand visibility, and attract a lot of new customers. 

    Great packaging design can reinforce your brand identity and make consumers more aware of your brand. The more your target market experiences your company name, logo, colours and unique packaging design, the faster they’ll be able to recognise your brand. On average, it takes between 5-7 impressions for a customer to easily recognise your brand. If your product packaging design is creative and eye-catching, customer brand recognition will be a lot easier to achieve. 

    Top quality, protective packaging can also increase positive reviews of your product. While it’s important for the consumer to recognise creative packaging, if it doesn’t protect your product during shipping or in the car home, people will criticise your brand online and through word of mouth. We live in a world where consumers now scour the internet for reviews before committing to a product, especially if you’re selling your product online. Here at our packaging design agency, we are committed to mixing both creative design and protective materials to elevate your product amongst its competitors.

    To many consumers, packaging design reflects product quality. An effective and carefully constructed branding packaging plan will ensure that your product is promoting itself on the shelves or online in the best way. Lazy designs with shoddy packaging will make customers turn away from your product. Your packaging design is an effective marketing tool in itself- make sure you get creative packaging design that considers your brand’s identity in order to sell your product.

    The art of packaging design is incredibly important when considering the success of your product in the marketplace. Our packaging design agency takes every avenue into consideration to create stunning and practical designs that will protect and promote your product all in one. Here at BGN, we take our product packaging designs to the next level in order to deliver effective, stunning packaging that customers will notice. We take your brand’s needs into consideration and explore every avenue to create branding packaging that will aid your company’s success. 

    Make sure your brand and your product stand out in the best way possible by exploring our packaging design services.

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