The website wireframes we produce as part of any digital project go far beyond what you might be accustomed to. Cast aside any impressions you have of hand-drawn, rough sketches – at BGN, the reality of what we actually present you as a "wireframe" is often very different.

What does our process involve?

Wireframing for us is interactive prototyping, and creating fully interactive wireframes with your target audience and userbase in mind. In interactive prototyping, much like traditional wireframing, we have the goal of creating a simple, intuitive interface which can be quickly mastered by users, and then tentatively user tested both by BGN, and even by your internal team too.

Our interactive wireframes are supplied as both PDFs and Marvel links, which we circulate internally and encourage you to do the same – starting the user testing process in earnest, and already starting to get a feel for the speed and usability of the core navigation, as well as reviewing the hierarchy of information presented, and how that tallies with your KPIs and brand goals.

Once the interactive prototyping stage is completed, and our wireframes signed off, we begin design and development, but continually review and refine the design and building based on the following:

  • Speed and performance
  • Regression testing
  • UX journey
  • Technical specification functionality
  • Form submissions
  • Checkout process including voucher codes, upselling, dropped baskets and so on

Do you need help with a
digital project?

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