Magento is the backbone of many of the biggest and brightest e-commerce brands around the world. Time and time again, however, we see Magento website design that does little to inspire – making some Magento websites look practically identical, save for the marque at the top of each page.

What does our process involve?

That’s where we come in. Working closely with you, or a partner design and build agency, we design an ecommerce website without compromises – with all of the user experience flourishes and high level of finish that you would expect from a BGN website, without compromising on the seamless Magento integration that you need.

We understand the power of Magento, but don’t let that intimidate us, approaching Magento web design in much the same way we would design for any other platform – starting with your brand and the strategy behind it, establishing KPIs in close collaboration with you and any relevant partners, before creating interactive prototypes that allow for user testing even before the bulk of our design work has commenced.

With these prototypes signed off, we begin design and development, but never stop testing the following:

  • Speed and performance
  • Regression testing
  • UX journey
  • Technical specification functionality
  • Form submissions
  • Checkout process including voucher codes, upselling, dropped baskets and so on

Any bugs found during this testing are logged, fixed and used to continually refine the design and build right up to deployment.


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