Here at BGN, we’re more than equipped to offer our expertise in mobile and tablet app design. We take an approach like no other, understanding your brand inside and out to make sure we provide an optimised user experience that faithfully represents everything your brand stands for. If you’re wondering about how to design a mobile app and don’t know where to start, we can help.

Choosing Between the Different Types of Mobile Application

We can provide advice and guidance when it comes to the different types of mobile application, which are namely Android or iPhone. The type you choose will greatly depend on the nature of your app and your business goals. We’re happy to design a bespoke look that works perfectly with whichever you decide is best.


Wondering How to Design a Mobile App?

At BGN, we know a thing or two about how to design a mobile app. This means, for you, it’s a straight-forward process. After you’ve explored the different types of mobile application options, we’ll work with you to create a dynamic, effective app that suits your brand.

Once you approve our designs, we will gladly partner with your mobile app development agency of choice to make sure your visions are realised. Throughout the duration of the project, we’re happy to sit down with your developers whenever necessary to navigate through any technical limitations or sudden complications that may occur.

App design, much like any digital design project, occurs in eight main stages. It starts with the initial workshop and research stage, then moves onto drawing up a specification and prototyping before the main bulk of the design work. Then, we hand everything over to your mobile app development team.

Perhaps the key things to establish early into the project, are the following:

  • Where your current app falls short
  • What aspects of competitors’ apps you admire, and what you don’t
  • How your current app is being used
  • How your current website is being used
  • What devices and operating systems your audience use
  • The types of mobile application that are best for you
  • What KPIs the final app’s success will be measured against

We’re confident in our ability when it comes to how to design a mobile app. All we need from you is communication and guidance to allow us to create an outstanding app that reflects your brand at its core.


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