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Don’t stay in the dark. Adding insight to your strategy means gaining a deeper understanding of your brand and a better chance of business success. At BGN, we embed ourselves in your culture to gather relevant insight that can inform all future decisions.

Brand Insight FAQ's

  • What is brand insight?

    Brand insights are a crucial part of the branding process as they will help you to make more informed decisions later on. Brand insight is all about how well you understand your brand and how it aligns with the needs of your target audience and differentiates itself from competitors. Brand insight is more of an umbrella term for many aspects of the branding process as it covers everything from brand perception and awareness to brand values and its mission. 

    Brand insight can in turn be used for a range of factors such as improving customer satisfaction, aligning the needs of your customers with your brand as well as helping with competitor insight by understanding what you need to be doing differently compared to your competitors. 

  • Why is brand insight important?

    Brand insight is important for a number of reasons, but the more you know and understand your business and industry, the better prepared you are. We specialise in collecting brand data and turning it into a solid strategy. Here are just some reasons why brand insight is essential to your business:


    Helps to improve your brand health: 

    By having solid insight into your brand, you can determine the strong point of your business as well as the weak spots that need improving. Through strategic insight and improving the areas that need some extra attention, you are setting yourself up for long-term success. 


    Aids in preparing for the future:

    It is always important to think of the future with a business, and having brand insight can aid in this. If you hope to offer consistently great products or services, you need to understand where your brand aligns with your customers and understand their needs in order to cater to them. 


    Aids the creative flow of your business:

    If you are wanting the very best from us in terms of design and brand guidelines, then we are going to need solid brand insight to aid us with this. Through this, we will have a sense of direction on the way to go for the creative process. 

  • What is competitor insight?

    Competitive insight is a key part of brand insight as it evolves around how well you understand your competitors and how your business aligns with the business landscape.  We gain competitor insight by tracking your competitor’s online activity, which we then analyse and learn from. In most cases of competitor insight, we understand what competitors are doing and planning which involves strategic insight to transfer into your business strategies. Whether this is something they are doing well or something they are not, all this information will allow you to get ahead of the game by improving what they are doing poorly. 

  • Why are competitor insights important?

    Competitor insight is important for a number of reasons, it helps you to first identify who they are and then it helps to determine what they are doing well with and also what areas you can improve for a competitive advantage. Here at BGN, we can perform thorough competitor insight by determining who your direct, indirect and substitute competitors are. For this we will look at what service they provide, the audiences they are targeting and whether they are operating in a similar manner. 


    Direct Competitors: direct competitors are those who provide the same product or service and are aimed at the same target audience and customers. They also have the same goal of expanding their market share and making profits. 


    Indirect Competitors: Indirect competitors are very similar to direct competitors in the term that they sell the same product or service. The difference is that they have alternative end goals for the future. For example, they could be trying to solve a different problem or be more sustainable.


    Substitute Competitors: Substitute competitors are those who offer a product or service to your customers that you provide too. 


    Once competitive insight identifies these, it gives us a good understanding of what we should be targeting and pivoting within your business. 

  • What to identify with competitor insight?

    As a leading branding agency, we understand the importance of being thorough with competitor insight before going through the branding process. Once we understand who your competitors are, we will then delve deeper into them with the 4Ps. 


    Product: The first stage of this brand insight is to compare the products or services they offer compared to your brands. We will look at such factors as what features are included, what appeals to customers, what areas need improving as well as what they are doing well in order to replicate. 


    Pricing: Next we delve into the price point of your competitor’s products or services against yours. Does their process vary from different channels? Do they offer discounts? Does the price reflect the quality they offer?


    Place: This is an essential area to look into as it will help to determine the type of branding the business needs. Are they a brick-and-mortar type of store, or do they sell their product or service mostly online? Do they have partnerships with retailers, or are they bespoke? These answers offer a lot of brand insight that can be the building blocks to your brand’s success. 


    Promotion: This is also an important part of your strategic insight as it shows how your competitors get the word out about their product or service. What are their advertising channels, what areas of the business do they emphasise, what are their USPs and what do they try to portray with their brand story?

  • What is customer insight?

    Customer insights, also known as consumer insights are a collection of trends that your customers portray with their behaviour, your data and their feedback. These customer insights combined help your brand to have a deeper understanding of your competitors and their needs in order for you to target them and cater to their needs better. Quantitative and qualitative data are both essential for consumer insight as we need both to create a solid strategy and target the right audiences. This data allows us to understand their pain points, and where your brand can help with these and get the message across. 

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