Before we start any project at BGN, it’s crucial that we understand everything we can about you. We need this insight to create effective strategy and design for your business, which is why it’s at the top of the list of our services.

What is insight??

Insight - noun
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.


Embedding ourselves in your business’s culture 

Understanding you. Your industry. Your customers. Your competitors and where you fit

Exploring the potential of your business

Setting us up to build you a fully informed strategy

but what does it mean to us?

To kick off our insight phase, we always start with you. This includes holding workshops or focus groups with your employees, sending questionnaires to gather information from wider teams or simply by spending time at your offices. 

We use a number of models to support us in building a view of the wider landscape of your business, including positioning matrixes and competitor reviews. It also helps if we can get access to real customer data during our insight phase, so we can get to grips with your demographic. Alternatively we can call upon research and industry reports to help create a picture of who we are targeting and how they’re currently being targeted.  

It’s also crucial we use the insight phase to get to grips with your goals. What are you good at that you want to make more of? What’s holding you back? We research the market to spot opportunities and foresee any likely challenges, allowing us to get a good picture of what your potential could be. 

All of the above allows us to position ourselves as an extension of your team. It means we are equipped with all the information we need to build you a strategy to maximise your potential.  


Could we help give
you some insight?

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