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At BGN, we turn tradition on its head. We believe print marketing is just as strong as digital, and can in fact tell prospective customers more about you. How? By using innovative artwork that lasts longer and will find its way to the desktops and drawers of your target audience.

Print Design FAQ's

  • What are examples of print marketing?

    Print marketing materials are all items that help to promote your business, improve brand awareness as well as remind existing and prospective customers to contact your company. These are all tangible materials with your business details as well as the information you want to give. These include elements such as business card design, booklet design, banners, catalogues, billboards and signs. 


  • Benefits of print marketing materials

    If done well, print marketing can be an effective way to drive traffic to your business that converts to sales. There are many benefits to print marketing as it will aid your business in:

    Making the business look more credible: People always feel more comfortable choosing a business that has some information they can hold and touch more than digital advertising that they see on their digital devices. Choosing us for your print design will help to convert prospective customers to actual customers. 

    Helps to reach a wider audience: There are many forms of print marketing materials out there and they can be passed between people and, left in drawers, displayed on windows or noticeboards. By investing in print design, you can reach a much wider audience. 

    Increase sales: Not only does print design aid in advertising your business, but print materials will also often include essential information including phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and other relevant informative pieces.

  • Why is print marketing effective?

    Print marketing helps to establish your business. As a leading print design marketing agency in Manchester, we understand the importance of having a well-recognised brand. Printed publications and other branded materials are a great way to establish your brand. Providing printed marketing materials such as business card design, booklet design and other forms, allows you to show off quality as well as key aspects of your branding such as the fonts, colours, images, textures and everything else you want to show in order to establish your brand to new audiences.

  • What makes a good print design?

    As a leading print design marketing agency, we understand exactly what is needed for good print design. We also understand that everything needs to work well together without clashing. Each step of the print design process we will send over to you for approval before we go to the next stage. For great print design, we need the following elements to be perfect. 

    A limited colour palette: The more colour there is to process, the more risk of something clashing and going wrong. Due to our experience, we understand what colours work, and which ones don’t. It also increases the risk of the text being difficult to read which is not ideal when you hand out your business card design and nobody can read what it says.

    High-resolution artwork: High-resolution assets are essential for successful print design. More often than not, people rush into finding images which are off the internet and of poor quality. Just because it looks okay on a digital screen, does not mean it will look good on paper. We use quality images for all booklet designs and prints so contact us to discuss the process in more detail. 

    Keep it simple: Minimalism is never out of style. Although we are great at both simple and complex print design, it is important to try and keep things simple in order for your messaging to get across with ease. High quality fonts for business card design, high resolution images for booklet design and clean and crisp layouts go a long way when it comes to print design. We have the skills and experience to deliver exactly what you are after.

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