We believe every digital design agency should also be a UX design agency. Why? Because the two are synonymous with one another. UX, interface and interaction design testing should be standard when creating a website, and at BGN, it absolutely is.

What is UX Design?

A question we hear a lot is – what is UX design? Well, UX design revolves around the user experience, focusing on how people navigate and interact with your website. It differs from UI design, which centres around the look and layout of the site. Both UI and UX design principles go hand-in-hand, something reflected in the way in which we do things here at BGN.


Fundamental UI and UX Design Principles

We don’t refer to ourselves as a UI or UX design agency – we don’t think we need to. UX and digital design are one and the same. Unlike other agencies, we even begin our user experience testing at the prototyping stage.

Following essential UI and UX design principles, we develop interactive wireframes with your target audience in mind. Working to create a simple, intuitive interface that can be quickly mastered by users. Our relentless testing process allows us to make sure our proposed designs work in practice, not only in theory.

These wireframes aren’t anything like what you might be expecting, they are much more fully featured – supplied as PDFs and interactive Marvel links so you can circulate and test them internally. Just as we’ll be doing. We’ll be looking into what is UX design bringing to the site and analysing what could be improved upon, at this stage and throughout the process.

With these prototypes signed off, we begin design and development but never stop testing the following elements of the typical user experience. We look at:

  • Speed and performance
  • Regression testing
  • What is UX design adding to the journey
  • Technical specification functionality
  • Form submissions
  • Checkout process including voucher codes, upselling, dropped baskets etc.

Any bugs found during this testing are logged, fixed and used to continually examine the design against our fundamental UI and UX design principles, right up to deployment. Our refined, efficient approach to UX design makes us the agency of choice for many established and up-and-coming brands.


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