No matter the scale or complexity of your website, our CMS development team can build an advanced, custom content management system (CMS) that gives you complete control, not only over page structure, but the content of individual pages – making site updates quick and painless.

What does our process involve?

Your custom CMS from BGN will allow you to update copy, change or upload images, embed video, upload documents for visitors to download, change calls to action, and create new pages entirely from existing templates. All of this is possible without any previous technical knowledge, let alone a knowledge of coding.

That said, we do provide full CMS training as part and parcel of any digital project at BGN. Content management systems from BGN typically use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWG) editor, however, giving you a toolbar for content editor not entirely dissimilar from the most popular word processing packages under the sun.

We realise that bespoke systems aren’t appropriate for all clients, however, and we will happily integrate with your current content management system – whether it’s an off-the-shelf system like WordPress, Craft or Magento, or a custom internally-developed system. Collaboration is a key part of our philosophy at BGN, and we will make sure that your content management system is exactly as powerful and user friendly as you need it to be.


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digital project?

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