In this day and age, a mobile-friendly website design should be a given in any mobile website development project. Thankfully, when you choose to work with a mobile web design agency like BGN, it comes as standard.

Why is Mobile Website Development Important?

Mobile optimised website design is crucial because more users than ever are accessing websites through their mobile devices. With phone screens getting bigger and data allowances becoming more generous, businesses can’t ignore the need for responsive design.

New screen sizes and form factors crop up constantly, with design considerations to match. The easy shortcut for web designers, or rather, for budget or time conscious clients, was to have a separate mobile and desktop site. Responsive design avoids all of this, with a single domain and design that adapts to any screen size.


Enhancing User Experience

For us, mobile website development is all about enhancing the user experience. As a mobile web design agency, we’re passionate about all aspects of website design, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect balance between user experience and practicality. We understand that you’ll want all vital information displayed as clearly as possible for your customers to navigate their way around your site quickly and easily – no matter what platform they’re accessing it from.

To ensure your mobile optimised website is as user-friendly as possible, we’ll be testing it at every possible opportunity against our strict usability criteria. UX testing is at the very core of what we do as a mobile web design agency.

Our commitment to responsive mobile website development and design is so resounding that we include it by default in digital projects with BGN. It’s not an optional extra or something you have to specifically request us to look into – it’s just how we do things, and always will.


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