Responsive mobile website design should be a given in any web design and development project in this day and age, and projects with BGN are no exception.

What does our process involve?

Mobile website design is crucial. Mobile browsing has only become more and more prevalent. Phone screens are getting bigger, data allowances more generous, web design agencies can’t not embrace responsive design.

Even if your Analytics reporting shows an unusually low mobile audience, new screen sizes and form factors crop up constantly, with design considerations to match. The easy shortcut for web designers, or rather, for budget or time conscious clients, was to have a separate mobile and desktop site. Responsive  design avoids all of this, with a single domain and design that adapts to any screen size.

Our commitment to responsive mobile website design is so resounding that we include it by default in digital projects with BGN. It’s not an optional extra, something you have to specifically request us to look into – it’s just how we do things, and always will.


Not happy with your digital
offering on mobile?

Give us a few details if you would like us to get in touch about how we can improve your brand's mobile presence.