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Brand campaigns can make or break a business. Get brand awareness campaign-based marketing right, and you’ll see constant returns on your investment. BGN does this by amplifying brand recognition and reinforcing your message across a range of channels for brand awareness marketing.


  • What is a brand awareness campaign?

    Your campaign will help your brand awareness marketing and is designed to ensure your audience is familiar with you. This is especially the case when you have a new product or service available to them. This is also the case if you are internationalising your business into new locations. 

    Not only does your brand campaign help to introduce your business, but a brand awareness campaign portrays your values that help to differentiate from your competitors. This differs from your other marketing campaigns as it does not aim to improve sales, but to inform audiences of who you are and what you are about. 

    As a leading brand campaign agency, we use a multi-pronged strategy to support your marketing efforts. We will create artwork, copy as well as video content for your brand campaign.

  • What are the levels of brand awareness?

    It’s important to understand the different levels of brand awareness that will impact your audience’s journey. There are 4 key stages to your brand campaign including no awareness, recognition, recall, and top of mind.

    Level 1: No Brand Awareness:

    When you start a business, it is unlikely that anybody will know who you are or what you are about. This means you will need to build your brand campaign from the ground up. The good factor about this is there is plenty of room for brand recognition growth. 

    Level 2: Brand Recognition:

    Brand recognition will enable you to target your audience to identify your brand through visuals including your logo, slogan, packaging, marketing and even your colour scheme.  As a leading brand campaign agency, we can create all of the above for the most relevant brand recognition for your audience

    Level 3: Brand Recall:

    This occurs when your brand campaign is in full swing. This level is where your audience thinks of you when they need a product or service that you provide. This could be through conversation or association. 

    Level 4: Top of Mind:

    Top-of-mind brand awareness is where your business is the first brand associated with a given product or service. This is what every brand strives for and with a solid brand campaign, we can help you to achieve your goals. 

  • What are the stages of brand recognition?

    Building a brand will ensure that your customers link your business name to a product or service that you offer that they will continue to use. There are 5 stages of brand recognition, these include:

    Brand Rejection:

    If your brand is associated with negative views from your customers, they will actively choose to avoid you and what you offer. If you have ever experienced bad service or a terrible product, you already know that you purposely choose to not use them. If this has happened to your brand, we can help you through rebranding your business in order to remedy bad press. 

    Brand Non-Recognition:

    This is not a bad factor, as it simply means that there is plenty of room for growth. This just means that your audience does not recognise your brand. This could be due to you not differentiating enough between your competitors. To remedy this, we can help you to differentiate and disrupt the natural order of your business industry.

    Brand Recognition:

    This is the stage where everything starts to look up for your brand. This stage is where people will recognise your brand for your products or services and will encourage your customers to choose you over some other brand that nobody has heard of. For this to succeed, you need to keep in mind that your business needs to show differentiating factors from your competitors, as they will be aiming for this too. 

    Brand Preference:

    Brand preference is when your potential customers are given the choice between your brand and your competitors and they opt for your product or service. This is often due to the differentiating factors as well as the needs that you cater to. It will also be due to the excellent service you provide or the quality of your product. Show value and your customers will always choose you.

    Brand Loyalty:

    This is the stage where you know you have made it. This is where your customers will continue to choose your brand over others. They know the product or service is great, it aligns with their views and it fulfils their needs in the right way. Even if you miss the mark sometimes, they will still come to you as the overall product or service is great. 

    Through your brand campaign, we can help you to do this and create a lasting brand that everyone respects and loves. Contact us today for more information on how we can boost your brand awareness.

  • What should a brand campaign include?

    For a brand campaign to work well, there are some key elements that should not be forgotten about. To achieve success, the following should be created and tracked, which we can help you to achieve as a leading brand campaign consultant. 

    Campaign Goals and Tracking

    This is where you decide what you are trying to achieve through the campaign and how you want to achieve it. This is done through SMART objectives. We will help you create these if you haven’t already got these. You also need to decide how you are going to track this. Google Analytics is one of the best methods to do this. 

    Campaign Insight and Targeting

    This is where you should decide on who you are targeting. Who are you trying to reach and influence? By creating personas, we will be able to identify who you should be targeting with your brand campaign.

    Key campaign messages and offers

    When hiring a brand campaign agency, we can help you to determine the messaging you need to generate leads for your campaign. This will ensure that you are speaking to the right audience in the right way. 

    Campaign media plan and budget

    Once we have built your personas, we can in turn find out what channels your audience are to be most likely found on. We can help to create all the content for your brand campaign for each of these channels. 

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