Once you have an established brand strategy and you’ve launched your brand with audiences, running campaigns are a guaranteed way to drive continuous engagement with your brand and support you in reaching your business goals.

What does our process involve?

As with every project we undertake, before we begin any campaign ideation or execution, we start by getting a thorough understanding of where your brand is now and where you want it to be. We gather this information in a number of different ways:  

  • Workshops
  • One-on-one stakeholder interviews
  • Circulating anonymous questionnaires to either all of your workforce, or a select few of them
  • Focus groups with customers or audiences within your target demographic
  • Audits of your previous marketing output, both online and offline
  • Reviewing your competitors’ marketing output, both online and offline
  • Reviewing the social media output and engagement analysis 


With this insight, we can start working on a multi-channel campaign strategy to amplify your brand:

  • Writing pen portraits in line with the identified target audience
  • Campaign ideation – presenting you with a range of campaign ideas with this audience in mind
  • Writing a campaign narrative, explaining the story of the campaign in full
  • Writing top level campaign messaging, including the primary campaign tagline, options for supporting secondary messages and explicit reasons to buy into your product or service
  • Campaign delivery – preparing artwork for usage across any and all channels, including print and digital advertising, social media, email etc. 

What's your next campaign?

Give us a few details if you would like us to get in touch to about how we can help with your campaigns.