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Your brand tone of voice says everything about you. It shapes your branding and helps decide every decision you make afterwards such as your brand communication strategy. But if your brand voice is confused and aimless, your target market will quickly stop paying attention.


  • What is a brand communication strategy?

    A brand communication strategy is a set of guidelines and a plan that enables a brand to strengthen its branding and communication with its audience. The strategy helps to pinpoint the best methods to convey your brand messaging with your target audience. As a leading brand communication consultant, we create a lasting strategy that helps your brand to remain consistent and relevant. Our brand communication strategy will help your business with growth and also identify where to allocate your resources.  

    Growth: we will take time on creating your brand communication strategy and help to identify what brand messaging will convey best with your audience. For your brand tone of voice to create the best impact, it is key to understand your audience thoroughly. Hiring us as your creative communication agency, we understand what it takes to identify your audience’s needs through vigorous research into your industry and competitors.

    Resource Allocation: A strong brand communication strategy will enable you to identify the perfect channels to deliver the best returns for engagement with your audience. If you have limited resources, your brand tone of voice will help you to build success.

  • What are the dimensions of brand voice?

    There are many tones of voice for brand communications, but there are only 4 dimensions that you should consider. As a leading brand communication consultant, we will first identify what type of brand voice will work best for your business. At first, we will identify the dimension of your brand tone of voice. These include:

    • Funny vs Serious
    • Formal vs Casual
    • Respectful vs Irreverent 
    • Enthusiastic vs Matter of fact

    Once we have worked on your brand voice profile, we will then refine the brand communication strategy further by identifying the dimensions you do and don’t want within your brand.

  • What are tone of voice guidelines

    No matter if you’re just starting a new brand, or your existing brand needs a refresh, as a leading creative communications agency we will help you to create the perfect brand tone of voice for your organisation. In order to meet your audience and build trust, it’s crucial to be able to say the right things in the right manner.  Our tone of voice guidelines will be comprehensive and inspire your growth. With our unique brand voice process, we ensure a practical brand communication strategy that will be simple to incorporate into your brand. 

  • How can you tell what brand tone your voice is?

    Would your audience be able to tell that it is your brand speaking, if there was no logo? Would your audience know that it was your brand speaking on a range of channels? If the answer is no, then this means your brand tone of voice is not clear. 

    A random assortment of voices and tones can hinder your progress and cause confusion for your audience. If you are not careful, having an inconsistent brand voice will ensure that you are not meeting your audience’s needs and will opt for a competitor who does understand their needs.  In order to understand what your brand tone of voice is, you should gather all of your content and analyse it thoroughly. As a leading brand communication consultant, we have the skills to identify and modify your tone of voice for your audience. 

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