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Your tone of voice says everything about you. It shapes your branding and helps decide every decision you make afterwards. But if your voice is confused and aimless, your target market will quickly stop paying attention.

Frequently asked questions

  • What should be considered when creating a brand voice?

    The two most important considerations to make are your company philosophy and the values of the target audience you want to resonate with. The nature of your business may also influence your communication. For example, financial and legal organisations often need to write in accordance with their respected bodies, meaning they’ll have to factor in compliance and other legislation.

  • How important is brand voice on social media for your business?

    Social media is where businesses speak the most. A fully fleshed out tone of voice here is critical as it allows you to adapt to multiple audiences. This is especially important as it’s where consumers can contact you directly in a public domain. You may even wish to develop specific social media tone of voice guidelines in order to stand out in the newsfeed.

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