We’ll spare you yet another explanation as to why website usability and UX testing matters, and why it’s important to make sure the user experience you provide lets site visitors get to where they want to be, fast. The fact is, there are several incredibly useful types of usability testing methods, all of which can be explored with BGN.

With us, website usability testing is integrated into the core of our digital design and development process – starting at a surprisingly early stage. We look into types of usability testing from the beginning, to ensure each aspect of your website is geared towards excellent usability at every stage of the user journey.


Our Usability Testing Methods

With your brand strategy established or provided, we begin your digital project in earnest, starting with a digital workshop. Then we review your Analytics dashboard with you, establishing appropriate KPIs for the final digital build together. From here, we conduct a competitor review using our usability testing methods and draw up a technical specification containing the following elements:

  • Sitemap
  • Site architecture
  • Front-end functionality
  • Back-end functionality
  • Plugins
  • Browser compatibility

It’s at this stage that we create interactive wireframe prototypes. We explore different types of usability testing techniques, which go far beyond the wireframes you might be used to. That way, we’re allowing for user experience testing before the formal design stage has even begun. Testing at this crucial point in the design process sets the tone for everything that follows. This creates a culture of testing, bug fixing, and refining the design and build right up until deployment.


Exploring Different Types of Usability Testing

What’s more, these are just internal usability testing methods too. We can work closely with external research partners for more formalised website usability testing. This could be conducted through focus groups, surveys and so on – it all depends on the timescale of the projects as well as the budget. Long story short, user experience testing with BGN is a given – it’s simply a case of how much time you want us to invest in it beyond what we already do as a matter of course.


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