As a branding agency Manchester-based, brand design at BGN comes in two main phases - exploration and concept creation. In the former, we explore several different design solutions, but only as rough sketches, which we narrow down together to develop and expand further into fully-fledged design routes.

If you haven’t worked with a branding agency before, our exploration stage is perhaps the closest to what you might have imagined when you first pictured the brand design process. But our digital branding services aren’t an exercise in wild ideas and quantity, with each sketch being supported with our own reasoning as to why we think it would be a good fit for your brand.

What is identity design??

Identity - noun
The fact of being who or what a person
or thing is. 


Using the essence of who you are, what you do and what you stand for to develop an effective and impactful way to talk to your customer

Designing what your brand looks like (your visual identity)

Developing what your brand sounds like (your tone of voice)

Exploring applications of your brand in a variety of platforms (digital, print, advertising etc)


If you haven’t worked with a branding agency Manchester before, exploratory designs vary in form when it comes to website design and branding, but could be presented in any of these ways:

  • Sketches
  • Moodboards
  • Digital designs

We’ll work with you to ensure we’ve got a firm understanding of your brand identity guidelines. Then, using whichever exploratory design is your preference, we’ll put something together that we feel best represents how you envision your brand. We’re also able to provide you with more than one exploratory design if you feel like you want to see your brand from a different perspective. Website design and branding are, after all, all about exploration with what you can do with the brand.



Once we have presented these to you and discussed them, it will become immediately clear which routes are and aren’t worth pursuing. As part of our website design and branding process, the lucky two or three brand concepts that we agreed upon will then be fleshed out into formal design routes. They will contain any or all of the following digital branding services:

  • Marque
  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Tone of voice
  • Photography direction
  • Illustration style
  • Brand application in digital
  • Brand application in advertising
  • Brand application in print

This personalised approach to website design and branding comes as standard with BGN, and we’re ready to take it as far as you are.


Could we help find your identity?

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