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As a Manchester-based branding agency, we know that we’re just one of many organisations capable of giving your business a new look. Where we set ourselves apart, however, is the attention to detail we pay your company before creating a new identity that can scale up and organically evolve.

Frequently asked questions

  • What makes good brand design?

    Good brand design is when audiences instantly recognise who you are from the slightest aspect of your identity. Take the Nike tick, Apple’s product design, or even John Lewis’ video campaigns. It’s all about applying a consistent approach to your public persona that engages audiences and has a very clear message about your brand.

  • What are the stages of the branding process?

    You can’t make any decisions until you know what your strengths are. Why should customers buy from you? The answer will inform your initial design decisions, as you need to be justifying your place in the market at all times. Of course, the next stage is then ensuring that your visual identity is working to answer that question.

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See how we create clarity around your ‘what, how and why’, so that you can communicate to your audience better.

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