To bring the updated brand to life online, through a playful and bold website. Matching their newly launched packaging aesthetic, “feed your inner happiness” was the proposition that formed the starting point for our creative execution.


Taking the brand assets used on pack, the brilliant fruit illustrations, colours and textures, we created a website that came to life through animation. Ensuring everything that could move, did, and every transition gave a feeling of something that was ‘bursting’ to life.

On mobile, all of the same great transitions that we used on desktop are still there, bringing the content to life, no matter what device the user is viewing the website on.

The real hero of the site (and the brand) is obviously the products, the yogurts themselves. Each product page on the site springs to life and explodes from the listing page. With the pot taking pride of place in every layout, following users down the page.

As each yogurt and range is so different, (from fruits, to wholegrain and to naturals) each page uses a bespoke colour palette and illustrations to really push the individuality.

Insight revealed that many consumers visit FMCG brands’ websites to view recipes and get inspiration on how to use the product. This meant the recipes section, which housed lots of content also needed have the same level of design and finish as the product areas of the website, whilst also remaining easy to use and a doddle to find the perfect recipe.

Each recipe detail page features everything consumers would need to find their ingredients, cook the dish, share it with a friend and even recommend their own recipe.
Each page is structured so the user continues their journey on to the ‘next recipe’, ensuring key areas are sticky and the following content is relevant and inspirational.


We then started to focus on adding more assets to the brand and creating an illustration style that could be used to visually tell a story. This came in the form of an animated page, illustrating how the Onken products are made.