Developing a digital strategy should be a process led by brand and business strategy, not the other way round. Your digital business strategy needs to be perfectly in line with your brand strategy, and we can make sure that is exactly the case.

What is Digital Strategy Development?

Putting together a digital strategy for your brand is one of the most important things you’ll do. It needs to accurately reflect your core values and your overall vision for the brand. What is digital strategy development going to bring to your brand? A clear structure of what’s to come, giving you a better understanding of what your brand’s online presence needs to be.


The Process of Developing a Digital Strategy

BGN’s process of developing a digital strategy all starts with a digital workshop with senior staff. In that meeting, we primarily review your Analytics dashboard to understand how your digital presence is being used currently. Then, we’ll agree on appropriate KPIs to measure the success of your digital strategy.

With this in place, we then review your competitors. This involves looking into their digital output and websites in terms of how they appear visually, how they communicate, what campaigns they are running and what functionality they do and don’t include in their brand websites. This gives us an insight into what is digital strategy development for them, and allows us to see how we can do better.

Now we can create a comprehensive digital business strategy plan for your brand, with detailed recommendations around:

  • Website design evolution
  • Website functionality developments
  • Digital campaign ideas
  • Social media tone of voice
  • Social media posting guidelines
  • Overall tone of voice

These recommendations form the fundamentals of what will be your digital strategy. When it comes to what is digital strategy planning for your business – this is it as its core. With a plan in place, we can then work with you to execute it in the most efficient, effective way possible.


Is there a strategy behind
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