Product or Brand Name Consulting

Product or brand naming seems so simple on paper, but quickly becomes overwhelming. Not only is it hard enough to come up with a name that ticks all of the necessary boxes – being as easy to spell as it is to pronounce, reflecting an aspect of what you do and so on – but to then find one that has appropriate domains available for it, hasn't been taken on social media and hasn't been trademarked, it's a lot of plates to spin.

A second pair of eyes can be invaluable in a naming project. When it comes to product and brand naming consulting, we typically come up with several name options, all of which are presented to you with rationale explaining how we arrived at each suggestion.

This is just the starting point, however. From here, we carry out domain and social media checks to recommend available handles, before then carrying out trademark checks to make sure we haven’t been beaten to the punch already in your sector by a similarly-named competitor.

If relevant, we will also contextualise the new product or brand name in a hierarchy with your existing product ranges or sub-brands.


Before starting any project, no matter what scale or scope of project, we establish a clear strategic direction before starting any design or development. In doing so, everything we produce sits perfectly in line with your brand message, and as such, stands the best chance of helping you achieve your business goals.

With a clear brand strategy in place, we put pen to paper designing brands and digital solutions that balance our creativity and intuition with your business goals. In doing so, we bring your brand strategy in line with your business strategy, and vice versa.

The solutions that we design are specifically engineered to appeal to your current and ideal customers, first and foremost. We determine our success in this endeavour by the extent to which we transform your bottom line.


Naming was a crucial first step for this project. Naming both the gallery and the event.

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