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It’s Gone Viral have been the company behind some of the most successful viral social campaigns.

After many successful years operating under that name, they had reached a sticking point where their brand didn’t marry up with their new found focus and direction and they felt as though their old brand was holding them back.



We helped them streamline their offering through our brand architecture and exploration workshops. We ended up with 3 key areas that made up the new company structure, which allowed them to add focus and purpose to their internal teams.

We took the team on a name discovery journey. It was key that the new name reflected their re-aligned strategy.

It needed to be short and it needed to have meaning, it needed to reflect their purpose. Ultimately, they make people fall in love with brands, pages and campaigns through social media.

Born to be Real

The meaning of KOMI – ‘The art of falling in love without actually knowing it’ is the antithesis to the fakery that surrounds their industry.

Competitors are known to buy likes and interactions leading to wasted money and disappointed clients.

We developed the new KOMI tone of voice along with a library of social media inspired visual metaphors to further explain the KOMI offering and what they stand for. They wanted to talk to potential clients and partners in a clear, honest and to the point way, without losing their warm and friendly edge.

We developed key assets for KOMI to aid them in their industry presentations and events. This line of communication is key, it enables KOMI to speak as an industry leader, whilst simultaneously educating potential clients to enable them to make the right choice.

Designed for growth, designed for the future

Like many of our branding projects, a Brand Guidelines is an essential part of the rollout. Without this it leaves the application and use of the brand up to interpretation. A new brand is sensitive, it needs to be cared for and nurtured, and that’s why we think it’s important to have these guides in place.