When it comes to strategy, it pays to start off on the right foot. With branding strategy workshops, we do exactly that, getting to the heart of what you understand your business to be, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what your vision for the future is.

but what does it mean to us?

Branding strategy workshops are an ideal starting point for any branding or digital project, let alone one with BGN. These sessions are a perfect opportunity to bring senior staff together and compare notes about how each of you understands the business, and how you differ in your vision for the brand’s future.

By the end of each branding strategy workshop, we will have discussed:

  • Brand story
  • Brand vision
  • Values
  • Audience needs
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand essence
  • Brand ‘why’

From here, we can involve the rest of your team, seeing just how much they agree with comments made by senior staff. In doing so, we see whether your workforce is all on the same page as you. Or rather, we see just how realistic your perception of the business is with the day-to-day realities experienced by the troops.


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