There are two halves to brand guardianship at BGN, the difference between which can be summed up by how passive or active they are. Whichever you choose to ask for assistance with, we will make sure that design and development work is carried out in complete adherence with your brand.

but what does it mean to us?

With more passive brand guardianship and help, we use your brand guidelines to artwork and give direction on any pieces of collateral you don’t have the resources or expertise to produce in-house. This can be an invaluable lifeline when your in-house team is stretched thin, or when your creatives have run into a dry spell, and need fresh ideas.

Alternatively, our more active brand guardianship and direction is akin to teaching or training, critically evaluating designs and brand assets being created in-house and comparing them with the guidelines that either we, or another agency has provided you with. This way, we make sure that your in-house team is up to scratch, and make sure that your brand never appears inconsistent or unprofessional to an outside observer. With active brand guardianship, your brand will never appear as anything but a well oiled machine with coherent, high quality output. Brand guardianship of either form, however, makes sure that your brand is indeed more than just a logo, a brand with substance, a brand worth keeping an eye on.


Do you need a brand guardian?

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