Brand Audits

Though brand creation and refinement is our bread and butter at BGN, we are just as comfortable taking a more analytical approach to the brand you already have in place. These brand audits result in the creation of a sizeable document, giving our thoughts on what does and doesn't work about it, as well as how you could improve it.

Our brand audits process is thorough to say the least, offering a full explanation of why brand elements don’t work, or rather, the impression they give and how that conflicts with the impression you want to give. We make sure to write our explanations in such a way that doesn’t get too bogged down in design terminology and intricacies, either – meaning that our brand audit documents should be primed for passing onto a decision maker to justify a brand refresh or complete overhaul.

As well as visual elements, within the brand audit process we also pore over the messaging behind your brand – how you communicate what you do, how clearly you communicate, and how you choose to structure the information throughout a website, brochure or any other brand touchpoint.

The brand audit can be a standalone project with BGN, or it can just as easily be the starting point of a brand design or strategy project. The beauty of doing so is that in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your brand already, we will have already have formed opinions on how we could rectify them, and so we will naturally arrive at a solution much quicker than we would have done otherwise.


Before starting any project, no matter what scale or scope, we establish a clear strategic direction before starting any design or development. In doing so, everything we produce sits perfectly in line with your brand message, and as such, stands the best chance of helping you achieve your business goals.

With a clear brand strategy in place, we put pen to paper designing brands and digital solutions that balance our creativity and intuition with your business goals. In doing so, we bring your brand strategy in line with your business strategy, and vice versa.

The solutions that we design are specifically engineered to appeal to your current and ideal customers, first and foremost. We determine our success in this endeavour by the extent to which we transform your bottom line.

Natural Therapy

Their packaging was tired and their audience narrower than they anticipated – it was time to relaunch and overhaul the identity.

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