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An Introduction to Building Your Brand on Social Media

An Introduction to Building Your Brand on Social Media

Having an up-to-date social media presence is a must nowadays. It shows that your brand is moving with the times and that you’re interested in meeting your customers where they are online. Plus, as a method of two-way communication, social media branding can help to build trust and loyalty.

Want to learn more about building your brand on social media? Read on as we cover several key things to consider when you’re starting out.

How to build your brand on social media

Define your audience and choose platforms accordingly

When it comes to building your brand on social media, remember that you don’t have to be on every platform. In fact, each one has a different audience and you should be focusing on where your potential customers are.

For example, LinkedIn is aimed at business professionals, the majority of Instagram users are under 35 and Facebook is the largest social platform with over 2.85 billion global monthly users. As a result, most brands have a Facebook page at a minimum.

Creating buyer personas based on the demographics of your online customer base will help you choose the right platforms and align your content with your target buyer.

Ensure your branding is consistent

Regardless of how many platforms you’re on, your social media branding needs to be consistent. The colours, fonts and messaging you use on social should also tie in with your website design and offline marketing materials.

As well as creating a professional appearance, cohesive branding makes it easier for people to recognise your brand wherever they come across your content online. Over time, this brand recognition helps to build customer loyalty.

To stay consistent, use your brand logo as your profile picture and make sure your company values are clear throughout your social bios and captions.

Plan what content you’re going to post

When building your brand on social media, you should provide a mix of content that is helpful, shareable and aligned with your business goals. Your posts should also be adapted to suit each platform’s unique features, such as Instagram stories and reels.

Video content is doing particularly well on social at the moment. According to Wyzowl, over 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand video, so you should definitely incorporate video into your plan.

You can create a simple content plan for your posts using a spreadsheet. List the platform, topic, format, copy and media for each post per week. Then, schedule your posts in advance using an online tool such as Later or Sendible to stay on top of posting. We’d also advise leaving room for topical posts as new trends arise.

Get social

Finally, remember to interact and engage with your audience. Responding to as many comments, questions and messages is good customer service and shows that you care about your customers. You should also listen to feedback and use polls for market research to ensure your content is meeting your audience’s needs.

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