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Top Tips to Gain Customer Insight

Top Tips to Gain Customer Insight

Customer insights will give you valuable information on your audience’s behaviours and preferences. By staying in touch with target buyers, you can anticipate and serve their needs, increasing the likelihood of conversion and repurchase. Not sure where to start? Learn how to gain customer insight to boost your brand’s success below.

How to gain customer insight

Ask for customer feedback and input

If you’ve already got a loyal consumer base, put this to good use. Ask your customers for their feedback via tools such as customer sentiment surveys, interviews, reviews or questionnaires. Use the insight gained to develop new product/ service offerings and to inform future marketing campaigns.

This also gives you the chance to learn from any negative feedback, so that you’re constantly adapting and improving as a brand.

Learn from competitors

Competitors are just as likely to make use of the above tools as you are. Where survey results and industry reports are made available to the public, you can learn all about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to your own company.

Look out for gaps that you feel your organisation can fill and gauge how you can adapt to serve any needs expressed by consumers. By matching your offerings to those missing from other companies, you’re differentiating your brand from others and ensuring that you’re in a unique position to serve customers’ needs.

Use available tools and tech

Your company may already have digital marketing tools like Klaviyo or Mailchimp. In this case, you’ll have access to a wealth of information on customer behaviour and habits. Use the data provided by these tools to segment your audience into more tailored groups and promote products and/or services that they want and need.

You can also use tools like Google Analytics and social media analytics in order to gain behavioural, demographic and campaign data and insights. Learn from any projects that are performing poorly and adapt accordingly using existing information on customer behaviour.

Perform real-time user testing with A/B tests and see how your consumer base reacts to different elements. For instance, you can try different social post formats, copy and images to see which proves the most popular in terms of engagement. You can then use this customer insight to inform future company decisions and practices.

Keep on top of market research

Market research will typically be conducted by third parties. It can provide valuable insight, delivering key statistics alongside knowledge into customers and markets. If you’re a small brand looking to grow, you may not yet have access to sophisticated tools or a large audience from which to gain valuable customer insights.

Being aware of trends within your industry is therefore critical, as it will help you stay relevant and enable you to identify market gaps that you can use to your advantage.

Get in touch with your audience

At BGN, we pride ourselves on ranking amongst the top brand consultants in Manchester. By aligning your messaging strategy, visual designs and multichannel communications with target buyer needs, we can help your brand make its mark.

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