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The Double Diamond

The Double Diamond

Observant viewers will have noticed that both of our processes are visualised as double diamonds. Some might already be familiar with why we’ve done this – the double diamond is a fairly prevalent way of visualising the creative process – but for those of you that aren’t, we’ll explain it in our own terms.

Put simply, from left to right the double diamond illustrates how broad or refined an idea should be at every stage of a project. It starts fairly specifically with the client brief, but as we discuss and question that very brief in our workshop, the scope of it starts to broaden. This raises questions that we look to answer with research, using our findings to inform the strategy that we collaborate with clients to create. This puts us in good stead for the branding or digital project to get into full swing.

Now you might be wondering why don’t we just start at the second diamond? The problem with a branding or digital project being carried out without the agency having a complete understanding of the brand they are working on behalf of, is that more often than not, they end up solving the wrong problem. Further, it makes sure that any of our ideas are double and triple checked, with the weaker, less effective ideas being dropped early on in favour of solutions that will make a greater splash in your industry.

For more information about the specifics, head to our process page, or get in touch. Long story short, the double diamond visualises the creative process in the following way – as the diamond diverges, a number of ideas are created, it then diverges for the first time as ideas are refined down into a single idea, to then be explored and questioned once again into the diverging second diamond. In the first diamond we work to design the right thing, and in the second we design the thing right.