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Exploring The Importance of Graphic Design in Branding

Exploring The Importance of Graphic Design in Branding

We all know that old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. These words ring particularly true when it comes to branding. After all, quality graphic design is an integral part of any successful company.

Think of some of the most successful businesses in the world, from Apple and Barclays to KFC or McDonald’s. What do they all have in common? That they boast immediately recognisable aesthetics that work as placeholders for the products themselves.

The importance of graphic design in branding cannot be overstated. In order to drive the point home, below we’ll break down three reasons why graphic design is a crucial factor in any good branding strategy.

Why graphic design is so important for branding…

1. First impressions

Even if we pretend that they don’t, the truth is that first impressions matter. A customer’s first interaction with your brand is likely to stay with them for the rest of your business relationship. More often than not, that first interaction is purely visual. A customer might be so intrigued by a brand’s logo or website that they immediately decide to check out their products.

Suffice to say, this also works the opposite way. Poor graphic design will inevitably drive your customers away. Would you trust a business with a logo that features a pixelated, generic stock photo? Probably not. Similarly, a slogan using WordArt as a font would likely make your company a laughingstock.

2. Too long; didn’t read

In Internet slang, “TL;DR” stands for “too long; didn’t read”. It’s basically a way of saying that a piece of text is not worth your time. Memes aside, the popularity of this acronym speaks volumes about our tendency to favour snappy visual cues over elaborate text.

In the end, humans are visual creatures – so much so that our brains process images a lot faster than words. In fact, according to a study by MIT, the speed at which we identify images is up to 600 times faster than with written text. That means that how you display the things you say is even more important than the things you say.

3. Create your own visual identity

Brands need faces. Not literal faces, but images and personalities that help to create that special connection with your customers. In marketing, we refer to that collection of visual elements as visual identity.

For example, Apple uses metallic and minimalistic fonts and designs to convey innovation, straightforwardness and quality. It’s best practice to use a style guide with primary colour palettes and type designs that reflect your company’s values. Over time, this will help you create a recognisable visual identity that will foster strong emotional responses amongst your target audience.

Start building a unique narrative today

Every business has a story to tell. What really sets successful businesses apart from unsuccessful ones is how they tell it. At BGN, our brand consultants in Manchester understand the importance of graphic design in branding and they can help you to stand out from the herd by creating graphics that convey your company’s message.

Sound good? Give us a shout to find out about what we can do to build up a refined brand design from scratch.