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Creative Product Packaging Design: Cutting Through the Noise

Creative Product Packaging Design: Cutting Through the Noise

Product packaging design has evolved. Nowadays, it’s much more than a simple container. It’s attention-grabbing and creative, always competing with other products and brands. A product packaging design can make or break a product and a unique design can be essential for adding more value to an item.

From a branding perspective, it is a chance to communicate to consumers that the product is worth more than any of the competition and is the perfect opportunity to showcase your core values.

Your goal is to draw your customers eyes to your product packaging design by offering something unique. Read on to find out how you can stand out in today’s saturated market as we explore some top creative product packaging design ideas!

Make your product packaging design friendly

Creating product packaging designs that think outside the box while reflecting or enhancing the item inside is an effective process to take.

The best example of this is the introduction of upside-down plastic packaging for Heinz ketchup which replaced the traditional glass bottle. Not only did this product packaging design stand out on the shelves, but it also complemented the product well and eventually had sales booming.

Sustainable packaging is also very popular amongst consumers, so this is something to consider implementing into your overall product packaging design strategy.

Don’t be afraid to add humour

Your packaging doesn’t always need to be serious, especially if your brand or product is fun and lighthearted. Inserting some well-thought-out humour into your product packaging design can create a positive image for your company, while also leading to mass engagement on your social media channels.

One company who has found incredible success in adding humour to their brand is Innocent. By incorporating humour that’s honest and cheerful, they’ve seen sales soar, engagement rise and brand recognition continue to grow.

Go against conventions

A good product packaging design will break the rules and challenge typical industry standards. In order to keep your product relevant and exciting to consumers, work hard to innovate revolutionary packaging that people will keep coming back to.

Most importantly, make sure you maintain a strong relationship between the product and packaging design.

Launch special edition designs

Special or limited-edition product packaging designs have become much more sought after simply for their packaging and rarity. It may not work for all products, but if there is an upcoming event that ties in with your target audience, such as the Olympics or FIFA World Cup, it makes sense to tie your packaging in with the hype of the event.

Rare products are much more likely to incentivise impulse buyers and promote a sense of urgency, making special edition product packaging designs a key component of a successful strategy.

Get creative with BGN

At BGN, we pride ourselves on creating inspiring product packaging designs that will stand out to your target audience. Whether you’re seeking a fresh look, an ingenious way to showcase a new product or you’d like a completely new brand identity, we are here to help.

If you want to find out more, feel free to contact our team on 0161 808 4557 or to learn more about our services and have your questions answered.