The way bed buying should be

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A revolutionary idea that needed a brand to match – to make bed building simple and accessible.

The Challenge

Yark is a bed building experience that gives customers complete control in bed buying, customising every aspect of their bed from the headboard, base and fabric, right through to the day it’s delivered, what happens to your old bed and who assembles your new one. This is the way that bed buying should be, but as a relative newcomer to the market, Yark needed a disruptive identity (and name) that immediately set it apart from the competition – something that conveyed the customisation at the brand’s core, without compromising on personality and approachability.

The Solution

Working closely with the Yark team, we set the brand strategy that would define Yark’s first years, emphasising, quality, customisation and the surprisingly affordable price that Yark offer both for. The key central element of the Yark brand identity is the adaptable logo, with the capital A expanding to any length, for any touchpoint to convey both flexibility and customisation at the same time – the character’s similarity to a bed is no accident, too. From here, we created a unique brand colour palette with sunrise yellow, midnight blue and pastel pink, creating a furniture identity unlike any other – supporting it with bold, authoritative and even witty copy to make sure that Yark is every bit as disruptive in execution as it is in concept alone.

Personality of the adaptable logo comes across on business cards.

Iconography bringing clarity to their online experience


We rolled out the Yark identity on touchpoints like packaging, the website, business cards, stationery, inserts, even advertising. At the same time, we also created a comprehensive series of messaging guidelines – covering typical and social media-based brand messaging, giving in-depth examples of the tone of voice to use in each instance.

Tone of voice developed for social campaigns to reflect the ease of using Yark

Launch campaign focussed on what a bed gives rather than what it is